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Heading Hands: anger and connections

Last Friday I gave another Healing Hands advanced course. Theme of the day was: the gall bladder, how to work (constructively) with anger issues.
To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it, because of the course I gave in June: various ways of connecting. That day every one came in and said hello by kissing and hugging each other, although most of them had never met before. The effect of the theme of the day, connecting, I presumed and I made a remark about the September course. Would everybody enter being angry, steam coming out of their ears, irritated?
While I was creating the course materials I was fully aligned with the theme of being angry. I was really explosive.
Fortunately, Friday I was extremely calm, expecting a lot of fireworks. But most of the participants came in hugging each other. So perhaps it wasn’t the theme of the day, but the energy and entourage that made them do that?
Anyway, one person came in too late. Stuck in traffic and fully aligned with the anger theme. So tears flooded.
And so did the tears and emotions of the other participants. But that’s okay, because everything that comes out, can be brought to Light and heal.