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Background information of Annemiek Douw MSc

Background information of Annemiek Douw MSc

In 1992 I graduated from the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands as an engineer. My main subject was Education & Training, which is a kind of technical educational science, combined with scientific journalism. I was interested in how people think, both literally and figuratively, and how they learn and develop themselves.

After I graduated I initially worked for the government. After that I switched to the business world, the telecom sector to be exact. I have always worked within the field of competence management, training and coaching. So I worked on the development of employees and teams, on noticing approaching illnesses and guiding the people in question, and on the reintegration of employees augmentin 500 mg. I gained my personal management experience in the telecom sector.

Meanwhile, I was confronted with health problems, both within my circle of friends and family and at work. It soon became clear to me that life was not as makeable as you would sometimes like to think or wish and that you cannot plan and be sure of everything. You cannot control or prevent everything.

In my opinion, if you know how to deal with the things that happen to you, whether you like them or not, you will be a happier person or at least will progress in life.

So I first worked on that for myself. I started out doing – among other things – bodywork, bioenergetics and other alternative therapies. After that, I took Energetic Management classes for a year, which were specifically aimed at managers and the detection of blockages – things that can get stuck in your body – and their causes.

Next, I studied the relationships between physical, emotional and mental complaints and in 1998 I started a three-year professional training course at the ANZN (Natural Medicine Academy South-Netherlands) to become a paranormal therapist.

In 2001 I graduated from the Academy as a paranormal therapist. I mainly focused on my intuitive development, extrasensory perception, energetic diagnosing and the writing and executing of treatment plans, followed by the guidance and treatment of people with health problems.

After my graduation from the Academy I found a way of combining my skills and applying them a in an integrated form.

Added to this was a load of experiential knowledge because I was severely ill for a while. During that time I was able to experience illness myself. I was not the carer, patient visitor, therapist or reintegration counselor. For a while I was just Annemiek, I felt miserable and I went through every stage of illness and mourning. I also had to undergo regular medical checkups, meet with insurance experts and that kind of enjoyable stuff. I did not enjoy these things at the time, but they have made my understanding of illness more complete. So in hindsight they were very useful.

Apart from that, I developed myself as a lightworker and I started working as a medium. I guide people and colleagues on their spiritual paths. I also discovered that there are far more aura layers than the seven which had been documented so far. I described the first 21 and wrote a book about them (De ziel in het licht van haar hogere auralagen), which was published in the Netherlands in 2011. In February 2015 my second book (in Dutch) was published: 40 Layers of the Soul revealed. It’s about layer 22-40 and although this book isn’t out in English yet, I do use the knowledge and skills in all my English sessions too, of course.

In addition to the treatment of clients, I enjoy giving workshops, such as Healing Hands 1 and 2, Healing Hands advanced and Working in the Higher Aura Layers, in which I teach fellow therapists to attune to these layers, guide them in their growth and teach them how to work in these subtle areas. Working in these higher layers has a lot more impact than the treatment of the lower layers, which is why I would like to spread this knowledge and information throughout the world and make it accessible for as many people as possible.

So, since 1998 I have been a self-employed management coach, advisor, energetic therapist, lightworker and medium. These are a lot of words that simply say that I work on problem solving and focus on the cause of the problem at hand. One of my strengths is reducing complex problems to their essence and verbalizing those complex processes in a simple and thoughtful way. This is always followed by working on the level where a solution can be found.

My style is pretty direct and can therefore be quite confronting. Fortunately, I have a particular sense of humour and working hard goes hand-in-hand with a good laugh, but I do put my finger on the right spot fairly quickly.

I am a quick thinker and say what I perceive in plain language. I ask questions if something is not quite clear to me. I am hardly ever troubled by personal judgements and if I do have a personal opinion about something I am aware of the fact that it is just my opinion.

In general, I believe in Free Will and will not influence the choices you make, as long as you make them consciously. I am just guiding your process. Personally, I think that we all have an internal compass which at any moment faultlessly indicates whether or not we have made the right choices. I call this compass the Soul.

The problem is that sometimes you are unable to find or feel that compass or it is negatively influenced by the things you have experienced. In such cases, the Self-healing Ability of your body does not work as it should, which is a shame of course. In that kind of situation I am there to help you to recover your internal compass or core and use it when you move on with your life.

To contact me about healing sessions, media appointments or anything else, please use the form on the CONTACT PAGE on this site.