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Flowers from a grateful client

Yesterday I received a beautiful bouquet from Marcel. He suffers from MS and came to thank me for my help during the stem cell transplantation he had in Mexico in November 2016. Having such a procedure in a country far away is kind of expensive and therefor he financed it by crowd funding. In just weeks he collected enough to be able to go and the universe supported him further and within weeks he had a spot in the hospital.

The stem cell transplantation he had was an autologous process which means that he got his own stem cells back, cleansed of course. Interesting because this means that he energetically got the same energy as before whereas, when you receive donor cells, you also receive the energetic load, the karma from the donor. This can cost a lot of energy because it makes recovering harder since you also get new, extra, karma issues to deal with.

Lucky for him Marcel didn’t get that and even better: he passed all the ‘exams’ with flying colours. He’s still a bit afraid to say it out loud, scared to jinx it, but he’s doing great!

If you understand Dutch mixed with English and are interested in his story or want to support other patients that started crowd fundings to go to Mexico for treatments as well, please visit his FBpage https://nl-nl.facebook.com/marcelneverstopsrunning/

Moved to my new practice

After months of being relatively silent, I proudly present the first photographs of my new practice! I can hardly believe that from now on I can work in this beautiful place. I’m so grateful and every time I pass through the waiting room and enter my practice, I feel peaceful and so very very happy,… Continue Reading

Not one bridge too far

Yesterday we finally did it: 7 of the course participants and I went to Arnhem, to help hundreds of souls go to the Light. Most of them died during WOII and were still not able to leave the battlefield. During a course in March we came to talk about it and since the participants had… Continue Reading

Healing Hands 2, June 3rd 2016

Today I gave another course Healing Hands 2, (learning) to heal the aura. This time I wasn’t in France but at the usual address, the Oude Wandelpark in Valkenswaard, in the Netherlands. During the introduction where everybody shared his background and his course goals, it already became clear that the universe had brought this group… Continue Reading

French courses, May 17th 2016

This afternoon I said goodbye to my ‘first international course group’ ever; consisting of solely Dutch members who especially flew in for the 2-day course Healing Hands 1 and 2, Working Energetically and Healing the Aura. On Friday afternoon they arrived from all corners of the country. Whilst I was going to all sorts of… Continue Reading

France, May 11th, 2016

Today I arrived in Ginestous, France, the place where I’ll give two courses, both in Dutch and in French in the coming week. Before I went here, I spent four days in Le Mas Chouchet in the Limousin, a beautiful place with lovely owners, Frank and Tineke, who just formally moved to France the day… Continue Reading