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Online Healing Trusting the Flow of Life by Annemiek Douw and Light Language by Brenda Lainof

May 5th, Brenda Lainof and I gave a special online healing session in which we combined two ways of healing. I started by channeling energy to heal aura layer 28 and then Brenda used Light Language to heal some more.



If you enjoyed this call, Annemiek and Brenda  will be diving deeper into the Layers of the Soul and Light Language June 3rd and 24th.

Special offer is €44 or $55  US

To sign up for this special, please send payment via PayPal to Brenda Lainof:  lainofbrenda49@gmail.com

Once payment received, a zoom link with the information will be provided.


If you need to book any additional personal sessions please contact Brenda at www.brendalainof.com

or Annemiek at www.annemiekdouw.com or https://www.annemiekdouw.com/booking-a-healing/

Online session aura layer 28

Always wished you’d experienced me working in aura layer 28? Wednesday May 5th, it is possible! Liberation Day in the Netherlands. Freedom is the theme of the day. So it’s free of charge. And there will be much more since I will be working with Brenda Lainof. …. INVITE you to join and participate in… Continue Reading

Heal the world, judgments and COVID19

Writing a trilogy about judgments and how they can hurt or get in your way, got me thinking about language and covid. I noticed that I find the choice of words in certain media and messages sometimes is biased and that unnecessary negativity is spread as a result. Stereotyping is hurtful. Always. This blog is… Continue Reading

Healing animals

For years I worked healing animals and pets below the radar. Horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, black beetles and for instance lady bugs. I’m not an expert in animals but I’m an expert in healing Beings. And working in the auras of beloved pets and other animals is very gratifying. They’re so open to it… Continue Reading

Ill in times of COVID-19

Because a dear friend and I are ill together apart (she lives one hour away) we talked on the phone. I created some affirmations, to help her head think positive thoughts and focus her energy on a positive outcome. Perhaps these affirmations can be a help for you too? I have full confidence in my… Continue Reading

Interviewed by Jeanne Roefs for the Business Mastershow

In december 2019 I was interviewed by Jeanne Roefs (business alchemist) for her Business Mastershow. The topic: being an entrepreneur and paranormal therapist (management coach, writer and trainer :-)). You find the interview (audio and video) and the podcast on the English mediapage. The Dutch interview we had, is on the Dutch page. Please note… Continue Reading

France, alpaca’s, new book and a French retraite

I’ve been shrouded in silence the last couple of weeks. And the things I did say I said in French!   For the past two weeks I’ve been working in France, writing a new, third book in Dutch. I had already started writing during summer, but needed some time to work really hard and undisturbed. Instead of an autumn holiday,… Continue Reading

news and Inspiremetoday revisited

Yesterday I published a newsletter in Dutch to celebrate the launch of The Common Senses and other new products. I hope to translate this newsletter sometime next week. It’s about new products, new courses, an online HSP course for deaf people, with sign translator in English, and a retraite in France in May 2020, that… Continue Reading