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English Media

  • 120519 Business Mastershow by Jeanne Roefs

December 2019 I was interviewed by Jeanne Roefs for her Business Masterclass. An interview about my work from entrepreneurial point of view. Enjoy!

  • 04/19/18 Brenda Lainof

While it was 83 °F outside, I was melting in my office inside and was interviewed by Brenda Lainof about: my father and karma, losing parents and the consequences for the energy in the 12th layer of your aura, multi-dimensional living, why entities stay attached and what gifts they have to offer, unconditionality, control, and lots of other interesting topics. I believe it was an interesting interview with unusual questions and perhaps even more unusual answers? Enjoy!

  • 11/18/15 Brenda Lainof

About both my first book and a preview of my second one, about family karma, angels and demons, soul agreements with animals, how to help yourself heal in the simplest ways possible and more… listen in and let me know what you think?

  • 01/26/15 Dr. Karen Kan

    Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Dr Karen Kan on BlogTalkRadio
  • December 16th 2013, Gail Lynne Goodwin: Inspire Me Today.com (plus article)

A personal conversation about: Love is contagious, living as a hermit, Divine timing, being your Authentic Self, Soul Paths, Empowerment, Simplicity, the essence of life and much more.

  • December 2013 Bertrand Dory: Design Your Dream Life: Listen here

A great personal conversation with a French Irish host, about judging yourself, fear of being excluded, accepting your family for who they are (as well as yourself!), healthy relationships, fears and worse case scenarios, and much more…