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Ill in times of COVID-19

Because a dear friend and I are ill together apart (she lives one hour away) we talked on the phone. I created some affirmations, to help her head think positive thoughts and focus her energy on a positive outcome. Perhaps these affirmations can be a help for you too?

I have full confidence in my physical body

My body works hard to serve me in the best way possible.

Everyday I’m getting healthier and my health grows to new and higher levels.

My wellbeing grows every second

I trust that the self-healing ability of my body heals everything that isn’t a intended part of my Path and that it heals what needs to be healed according to Plan

I trust my Soul’s Path

All is well and it gets even better

I’m safe, grateful for my life and I experience inner peace, every day, all day, even in times of crises.


These thoughts, used together with a list of things that you feel grateful for, may be of assistance to support yourself during these times of COVID-19 uncertainty.


Interviewed by Jeanne Roefs for the Business Mastershow

In december 2019 I was interviewed by Jeanne Roefs (business alchemist) for her Business Mastershow. The topic: being an entrepreneur and paranormal therapist (management coach, writer and trainer :-)). You find the interview (audio and video) and the podcast on the English mediapage. The Dutch interview we had, is on the Dutch page. Please note… Continue Reading

France, alpaca’s, new book and a French retraite

I’ve been shrouded in silence the last couple of weeks. And the things I did say I said in French!   For the past two weeks I’ve been working in France, writing a new, third book in Dutch. I had already started writing during summer, but needed some time to work really hard and undisturbed. Instead of an autumn holiday,… Continue Reading

Healing traumatized animals

Sometimes my path crosses with a somewhat hairy male. Or hairy female, that’s possible too. Often they are unwelcome anymore but lucky fort hem they’ve found a new home. But still, they carry a heavy burden on their shoulders. Their history follows them wherever they go. The rejection, the fear, to be abandoned, unwanted, they’ve… Continue Reading

French courses, May 17th 2016

This afternoon I said goodbye to my ‘first international course group’ ever; consisting of solely Dutch members who especially flew in for the 2-day course Healing Hands 1 and 2, Working Energetically and Healing the Aura. On Friday afternoon they arrived from all corners of the country. Whilst I was going to all sorts of… Continue Reading

Passed my exams!

Yes, I did it: Just received the results of the exams (medical stuff) the insurance companies have forced us therapists to take all over again. And I passed 🙂 !!! So, from January 1st, 2017 the clients will still be compensated for their sessions with me!!!   Continue Reading

First course: 40 layers of the Aura

October 9th  ’15: for the first time in history I gave the course The ins and outs of the 40 layers of the Soul. A day in which I tried to summarize all the content of my books about the layers of the aura: 1 to 40. A brave attempt in which I almost succeeded.… Continue Reading