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To celebrate the launch of my book 21 Layers of the Soul I was interviewed and I’m delighted to share the links (and I will add new links as soon as they’re available.)

In every interview I get to talk about the layers- one of my favourite topics and I’m happy that much more comes from that, you’ll hear it in the interviews. I meet the nicest people, beautiful Souls (the show hosts) and connect on a Soul level with these wonderful Souls and their great nurturing energy and I feel blessed to meet them and hope you’ll get energized from listening to the recordings too.

Januari 2014,  Louise Crooks: Keys to Clarity

About healing self-judgements, creating energy, businessess, Soul level problem solving and more.

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December 2013 Bertrand Dory: Design Your Dream Life

A great personal conversation with a French Irish host, about judging yourself, fear of being excluded, accepting your family for who they are (as well as yourself!), healthy relationships, fears and worse case scenarios, and much more…

Listen here: http://www.podcasts.com/design-your-dream-life-show/episode/new-ways-of-healing-with-annemiek-douw


December 20th 2013, Misa Hopkins:

Listen here: http://misahopkins.com/community/

December 18th 2013, Cyrus Webb: midday conversations

15 minutes about not believing what I say, how and why we connect to other Souls, finding your own Truth, Soul Plans, husbands who read the book, facing ones fears and more…

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December 16th 2013, Gail Lynne Goodwin: Inspire Me Today.com (plus article)

A personal conversation about: Love is contagious, living as a hermit, Divine timing, being your Authentic Self, Soul Paths, Empowerment, Simplicity, the essence of life and much more.

December 13th 2013, Andi Feinberg: Andi’s Energetic ‘Happy” Hour with Annemiek Douw, MSc

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December 10th 2013, Rhonda Brackett: Era of Spiritual Living

1.5 hours about layer 10, creating your life, suffering, being paranormal, answering a caller’s question and much more

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December 4th 2013, Debra Simpson – Syndicating Content (book review)

Thirty minutes about Light Workers, why parents are the basis to build on as a child, how the book was written, how the layers show up in your life, judging and racism,

December 3rd 2013, Lisa Dorey -The Spiritual Sanctuary and Spa

An hour about angels, the Layers of the Soul, why you resonate with some layers and not with others, abuse and growing, the death of Merlin (6 weeks old), Soul Agreements and more.

December 2nd 2013, Maeve Crawford: The Power of Love

About the inner GPS, Soul Agreements, attracting the right lover, Twin Flames, abuse and other trauma, resonating, being the Authentic You and much more.

November 2013, Tom Evans: The Zone Show

An interesting interview about The Fields of Humanity, how our brains work, ADHD, creating, engineering , tarot, being super sensitive and centring your self. Including an actual reading and healing on air…

November 23th 2013, Belle Salisbury: The rainbow bridge 

Beautiful conversation about learning to trust your Self and your Inner Voice, Soul Agreements, projections, family karma, being your Self, abuse, Inner Strength, the collective Shadow and much more…

November 12th 2013, Chi for Yourself

About: Life Plans, the death of children, illness, why spouses cheat and more…

November 12th 2013, Jean Adrienne

jean adrienne

Great interview about ignoring you Guides, Divinity within every one, cosmic layers, working long distance, how to make Soul Agreements, connecting to the healing energy of the book and much more…


November 2013, Spiritual Rockstar

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