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Cleaning the aura of a building or room

Cleaning the aura of a building or room

Just like energy can be stuck to the aura of a person, it can linger for quite some time in rooms and buildings. This can be compared to the situation in which you, being a non-smoker, enter a closed, non-ventilated room where someone has heavily smoked. The room is still filled with smoke and you have to ‘digest the smokey leftovers’.

Some people are very sensitive to those kinds of energies and are bothered by them because it influences the way they feel and function. They resonate with the field and the atmospheric waves that come with it.

If it’s a positive field, e.g. the normally loving, gentle and happy atmosphere that you find in the maternity ward in a hospital, it will not be such a problem, I guess.

But if the energy clouds consist of negativity, feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, violence, pain, sorrow or diseases, you probably can imagine that it isn’t much fun when your mood and emotions are being influenced by it.

If you already have a talent for it, or easily become unbalanced over a certain type of issue, energy fields like that can have an inconvenient, large impact on your life. Children can resonate with those types of fields very strongly and behave differently and awkwardly when they’re in the middle of such a field.

If required I clean polluted fields and cleanse the environment so they will be calm and supporting to stay.

Examples of energetically cleaned, semi-public places in the Netherlands are: pub and restaurant De Drie Gezusters in Breda and pub The Three Sisters, Hotel de Doelen, restaurant The Three Sisters and pub De Groote Griet and Hoppe in Groningen.

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