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Medium and the 40 layers of the aura

Medium and the 21 layers of the aura

As a coach and therapist I mostly work using your own words and personal energy. These are located in the first three layers of the aura: the physical, emotional and mental layers.

Sometimes that’s simply not enough and the problem needs to be solved on another, higher and more subtle level which you will also find in the other, higher layers of the aura, 5 to 40. That is called Light Work and involves information instead and more complicated energetic blockages.

This often means that I work as a medium, consulting with my personal and your own light guides. Sometimes we even receive input from other beings, deceased loved ones who still need to tell you something or can explain certain situations from an angle we can’t, or from (arch)angels and other Beings of Light that can enter my practice and help us create the transformation needed. us create the transformation needed.

Usually I also perceive experiences from other lives (previous, parallel or future). This explains the origin of the problem and makes it easy to resolve, because if I can read it, I can work with it in a very efficient manner.

We will work hard but won’t overdo it, I will just listen to what your soul needs and tells me to do. I will assist you and adapt my way of working to the problem that emerges. So, if you need help in the coaching department I work differently than when you ask me to help you heal a trauma from your past.

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