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Energetic consult

energetic consult

Therapy is sometimes hard to distinguish from life coaching. Usually the goal in coaching is to mentally understand how your life works, find out your ways of thinking and the logical errors you make and are sometimes unaware of, discover your unacknowledged, own responsibilities and your talents and see things in a new perspective. And in doing so you experience the emotions that are connected to your thoughts and thus – through insight and awareness – you are able to chose and change your behaviour and therefore your life.

During an energetic consult, at least one of mine that is, the approach is basically the same. Of course it is important that you understand yourself and know who you are and why you feel, think and act as you do. But that’s not all.

We will also find out what keeps you from making the best decisions for yourself and work through your blockages physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. This means that I cleanse your aura and remove the blockages that kept you from moving in new directions and made you step into old patterns.

However, I can remove tons of blockages, but if you don’t change your way of thinking and acting, you will just re-create a similar blockage again because your body simply follows the guidelines from the master computer, the brain. Therefore it is important to ‘use’ that brain in a positive, constructive manner.

For instance, when you think, “I’m so tired, I’m so tired, I’m so tired, I’m so tired’ and keep on doing that for 5 minutes, your energy level will drop and you will feel much more tired than before. Even when there’s no reason for it. Just try and feel what I mean.

On the other hand, when you now think ‘life is perfect, life is perfect, life is perfect, life is perfect, life is perfect’ you will feel better than before. See what I mean?

During an energetic consult I work with energy, and in such a way that the software of your body is upgraded. 2.0 is being installed and your are cleaned and can no longer make your old mistakes and can move on, more quickly and better than before.

I magnetize and work on the first 3 layers of the aura: the physical, emotional and mental layer.

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