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Light Work in aura layers 8 to 40+

Light work in layer 8-40+

When I work on the layers of the aura number 8 until 40, it is also called Light Work, which is only on a more specialised level (for more information about the first 21 layers in English, see book-link, please, for level 22-40 please read my Dutch books or attend a(n online) course).

There we will find the experiences from previous lives and other times, blockages, background information and solutions that one as a human being isn’t able to capture oneself. Not consciously knowing or unable to invent yourself, but stored in your soul, waiting for the invitation to surface and sometimes needing a little bit of help to do so.

Most people aren’t equipped to recollect and heal those ancient experiences and traumas that are part of one’s soul themselves. That’s why it is a good thing that 7 billion people, souls, live on the same planet. There’s help around. No one has to do it completely on his own. You need to do it yourself, but not alone.

If I am the soul that is assisting you, I read the higher layers of your aura, collect the information that is preserved and heal the traumas and hiccups I come across. Consequently the natural healing powers of your body can take it from there and you can manage on your own again

Lichtwerk in de 40 auralagen
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