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Long COVID and the layers of the Soul

I’m a specialist working in the 40 Layers of the Aura, the 40 Layers of the Soul. After months of working with former COVID-patients healing their issues in their auras, I noticed something interesting that I would like to share.

A few months back Mandy came to my practice, a client who suffers from long covid. She was vaccinated but still caught COVID. And she still felt exhausted, short of breath and had trouble finding words. Brain fog, even worse than when she was pregnant. She also suffered from pain between the shoulder blades, a common result of covid 19.

Working with her I noticed something that I also saw working with other long COVID patients. They all have some individual themes in which they encounter themselves, and besides that, almost all of them tend to have problems in aura layers 15, 18 and 20. And since the traumas and blockages in higher aura layers impact all levels below, for instance your family relationships and your way of thinking, emotions and physical condition are greatly affected by it.

Aura layer 15

In 15 it’s about taking responsibility for yourself. Being responsible for yourself, in every aspect of your life. Your own health, how you live, and in pandemic times for instance whether you want or trust your government or doctor to decide for you.

If you leave it up to someone else, the scientists, doctors, ministers of Health, WHO, or your partner to decide what is the right thing to do, wearing a facial mask or not, vaccinating or not, all thing that needed to be thought about, that’s a choice on level 15. Just following their lead is a choice on level 15. And that’s okay, you have Free Will..

If you decide for yourself, after reading alternative media and/or just listening to your Soul, it’s also growing consciousness in aura layer 15. And that’s also perfectly fine. You have Free Will too.

Experiences in the 15th layer of your Soul help elevating the level of consciousness on a collective human level around the globe. That is, if you dive into these experiences and really go for the ride. If you just go through the motions, it doesn’t necessarily upgrade your energy.

Everybody on earth has been influenced on this level by COVID 19 and the way it was dealt with by your own government. Of course, you can’t always control a situation, but you can realize that you yourself are always responsible for how you handle it. And this is what creates new consciousness in layer 15.

Aura layer 18

In the 18 Iayer I then found the resistance and the judgements that many people have against those who think differently. Layer 18, the level of learning to deal with duality is the place where you find yourself in situations which aren’t what you want and can make you judge. You don’t like it and therefor there’s something wrong with the other person. He’s at fault. In 18 you may find out that it merely a matter of preference or expectation. You encounter something that you didn’t expect or liked. The expectation or assumption or thought is within you. It doesn’t say anything about the other person or the situation. It only reflects what you expected. When you realize that it was actually you, you can resolve within yourself what was bothering you.

So, if you are pro vaccinations, it’s about judging those who aren’t and refer to them as asocial idiots. On the other and, if you’re an antivaxxer it can be the judgmental assumption that a vaccinated person doesn’t think for himself and call him a sheep. The third possibility is: those who aren’t vaccinated aren’t always antivaxxers. This group may think that everyone should decide for himself and that no choice is wrong because it’s different for everyone. They usually tend to have no issues in this layer 18 when it comes to long covid.

Aura layer 20

Not everyone is struggling in 18, but almost everyone is growing during this pandemic in aura layer 20: following your Souls path.

This means that you make the right choices for you as a person. Choices on a Soul level. Even when your family, friends, colleagues think and act otherwise, you do what you need to do.

You simply have to feel and decide for yourself what’s the right thing to do on a Soul level. When it comes to COVID, the lungs are involved and that means expressing your innermost thoughts and feelings. It’s about voicing who you really are.

Sometimes that has to do with vaccinations, sometimes with (dis)agreeing with lockdown rules, facial masks and ‘unsocial’ distancing. Everything triggered by covid and helping you to find out who you really are and what you believe in, can be found in layer 20. In the time when collective themes are being touched, the simplest way to deal with this is to go back to your innerself. Connect with your Soul or Higher Self and see what is the right thing for you to do. Act on this out of love. If you live and work in aligned to your Soul, all that you do can only contribute to the highest good of the greater whole.

Mandy regained her energy and received the insights she needed to recover. I hope you do too, looking at your own version of your corona-related life themes.

Heal the world, judgments and COVID19


And if you don’t, please book a session with me, so I can help you heal!

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