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Think yourself out of the Box

What can you do to end a (sometimes global) stalemate, if you experience that what is happening in (your part of) the world is not in accordance with your highest values. When it’s simply not right, according to your heart?

A black clouds covers the earth

A big cloud covers the earth. It consists of a lot of negativity, combined with fearful thoughts. On the one hand, this makes sense, because there is a lot going on. The climate is changing, there is a virus and it comes in various types, all kinds of lockdowns and measures are being introduced and people view these developments in different ways.

In addition, it is humane to put the cause and therefore the solution outside yourself when things do not go well in life. It happens to you. Or it’s because of someone else. With global problems, it even seems more logical to think that way.

But such thoughts are also unfortunate, because by blaming it on someone else, you also give away your power. You thereby distance yourself from your ability to change your world yourself.

If things don’t go the way you would like, you can delve into their appearance. You then talk about why things are wrong or what would be better and you perhaps start discussions. You discuss why you are enormously right to want something different or why you believe what you think. You experience resistance to the recent situation and you actually try to prove yourself right.

Yet that is usually not a real way out of the situation. At most, you will be right by some supporters, or wrong by their opponents. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you actually are.

It just says something about how other people think. And ‘most votes count’ is an earthly rule. A rule of the game, invented to structure decision making on a large scale. It helps to keep the group manageable when we are with multiple people. It helps to make sure that part of your life in the society in which you live together on a daily basis, runs smoothly. So, most votes count, but that does not automatically mean that the ‘least votes’ are completely wrong.

How making choices ideally works

A cloud of pure consciousness resides in every person. In principle, every person is born with it and it functions as an inner compass. As your conscience. Most people know how this ‘voice of reason’, your inner voice, sounds or feels.

It’s a soft, positive voice that lovingly tries to lead you in a direction. Or it shows you the other side of something your mind already long had an opinion about. It establishes contact between who you really are inside and how you actually manifest yourself on earth. It provides mercy, compassion, a loving approach, even when the context is a tricky one or a business setting. And you can choose to listen to it, or you can choose to ignore.

Through that inner compass, you can feel what is the perfect choice for you to make. Sometimes that’s in line with what the others around you do or want and sometimes it isn’t.

And even though you may know or feel it flawlessly, that doesn’t mean you can perfectly explain why your choice is the right choice for you. Why you feel that way. Explaining is part of your ratio, while feeling is another sport. You also use a different part of your brain for it.

By following your inner voice, you make sure you make the right choices for yourself, in the present situation. If you do that every time you make a decision, you usually lead a fulfilling life and you can look back with satisfaction afterwards. After all, you did your best and dealt with everything that came your way as best you could.

But that’s only the case when what is right for you to do, somewhat corresponds to what your environment finds good or pleasant. If you deviate frequently from what others think, you usually experience quite a lot of resistance. The resistance you then encounter, can make you doubt yourself and the choices you have made. This can make you experience it all as far more difficult.

But here too the following applies: because several people see it this way, doesn’t mean that their view is true or correct for you.

And you may have experienced it yourself: if something is right for you, listening to your soft, loving inner voice, an outside voice can never convince you. And yet some people start to doubt themselves when others shout louder than their inner voices do.

Which system?

In this moment in time, there are different views on what is going on in the world. One sees it as a pandemic, a virus that has the world in its grip, the other sees it as part of a conspiracy, thinking that we are all puppets in a big Matrix and that we are being played around, like puppets. The Great Reset is called. The Great Awakening is mentioned too. Some don’t trust the vaccine (yet), or trust their body’s natural defenses more. Others think it’s a worldwide medical experiment and others listen to scientists and therefore find vaccinating the logical choice.

People interpret what they experience in the world differently, and I believe it’s a good thing that everyone has his own perspective and points of view.

In my profession, working in the auras of people – and in particular in the higher aura layers of the energy field of a person – it doesn’t really matter which view you adhere to. Ultimately it is about the solution. How do you get through this, how do we get through this?

How does your aura work?

An aura, the human energy field, is a kind of multi-layered ‘onion’. Your body is the core of it and around it all kinds of layers are situated. Those layers are energetic fields that store what you experience and what you think and feel, like a hologram. Everything you experience therefore has an impact on your energy.

And thus, people can sit next to you and sometimes, even with their eyes closed, sense what kind of mood you are in. It’s like the mist of your perfume surrounding you.

For example, your emotions are in the second layer that surrounds you and you will find your thoughts and thinking patterns in layer 3. Furthermore, there are various aura layers through which people are connected to each other. Like in number 12, where family members have an energetic connection with each other, and they contribute to each other’s energy. Both positive and negative.

In aura layer 14 there is another collective field, which contains all the thoughts of humanity. In this case there is also the collective negativity of all kinds of judgmental or fearful thoughts that are currently being thought and that many people consequently suffer from.

The field in 14 functions as a kind of dark, thick blanket that hangs over the world’s population. This blanket is like a box over all of humanity and although it is a collective field, it also influences how people think and feel individually, due to its location. The thoughts that you think yourself (level 3) are fed by the collective thoughts, the collective energy of level 14.

Every new negative thought adds to the blanket that suffocates the world.

This way we get nowhere. It really doesn’t help, because there is no more new oxygen, as it were. So, you have make do with the oxygen and the knowledge and experience that was already available, under your part of the blanket.

It is therefore quite difficult to find a new solution for something, for positive stimuli from outside can no longer reach you. So you are, as it were, alone. You have to do it all on your own. Like a stand-alone pc, using your own inner light and conscience.

As long as acting on the right choice, is not influenced by the black cloud in your energy field, you will apparently have little trouble with the ‘black sludge’. You just go your own way. But if you feel your heart speaking and feel deep down that it is better for you to take other paths and the collective field is limiting you in that – in other words: you hit the walls of your box – then you probably better do something about it.

From the inside

One way to cope with the black blanket, is to poke holes in the box. Just like in kindergarten. Punch holes in the cardboard card with a piercing fork, until you could take a figure out of it.

Energetically it looks like this:

Through the holes in the 14th layer, you get fresh ‘oxygen’, new inspiration and input, and you can also tune in to the outside world and the bigger picture. You can do this piercing by thinking useful thoughts such as:

My actions are based on love, and I am open to loving experiences. That sets the tone.

Or you think: everyone does things with a positive intention. Even if it looks different to me. Everyone does their best.

Or: Even if I disagree with you, it doesn’t say anything about your or my worth as a person.

Or: We all strive to be happy and healthy. Our paths to happiness are just different.

Or: The best solutions sometimes come about in the most unlikely of ways. I am open to a miracle.

For those who, like me, see man as a soul in a human body on an earthly road trip: you can of course also attune yourself to your Soul, Higher Self, Essence or to the Divine Source. It’s just what you feel comfortable with. It is all about the energetic principle.

In any case, with the inner light that acts as a GPS in your life, you continue to create weak spots in the black layer. Until the layer below collapses and there is again an open connection with the outside world.

When you poke holes in the box, so to speak, holes in the matrix, in the system we are in, you weaken the field from within. By thinking positive thoughts, you tamper with the collective, negatively charged field and make it a bit more positive. And because it is collective, if you do this with several people at the same time, you can quickly make a difference.

Top down

Another way to dissolve the ‘black sludge’ is to make holes from the outside. Then you work from the outside in. Then you have the wind in your back, so to speak. The ‘higher’ fields automatically feed the ‘lower’ ones. So in this case, you work with the flow.

You can do this by, for example, being surrendering to life. Stop battling and try to control it, just let go. Live in unconditional love, also called Christ consciousness. You can experience this in the 28th energy layer of the aura with the theme of unconditionality.

You trust in life, in the universe and the guiding power of love in it. You also take your responsibility and you trust in yourself. You experience that you always know what to do at the right time, without having to be in control. Things happen for you, instead of to you.

And if you look and react to yourself and to others out of trust and unconditional love, you effortlessly poke holes in the black layer 14 from the top. That makes it easier to keep connecting with the pure in you and around you.

And that is also an ideal way to escape any matrix or box around you. Because you don’t offer any resistance. You may have an opinion or a personal preference, but you don’t stick to it.

If you are in the resistance, you automatically stay connected to what you have resistance to and that is not useful in this case. It’s smarter to be completely detached from it and find your own way through the cracks of matrix, the box, the collective field that bothers you. And whether you poke holes in the box from top to bottom or from bottom to top, it doesn’t really matter as long as there are holes. As long as light can pass through for yourself and you can also reach out though them and help others on their way.

No matrix

And don’t you believe in a limiting matrix or box? That’s fine too, because being in a state of unconditional love and living your life and treating other people based on this love, is a loving and gentle way out of the social crisis we are in right now. It is a way to dissolve and heal the dichotomy in society. It’s even a good way.

Attuned to the pure in others and in yourself, you connect from your heart with other souls and the differences that sometimes have become huge, are no longer magnified. Then the things that you may not understand about each other no longer become divisive in the relationships and contacts that were previously loving and pleasant, can be healed again.


It’s a misconception to think that if everyone had the same information, they would also draw the same conclusions. It is actually a form of arrogance to think that if someone draws a different conclusion than you do, he somehow must have misunderstood. And that you probably know better.

Of course, you can think that, but that is from your experience. That still doesn’t make it true. Every person makes his choices based on positive intentions. Sometimes you don’t quite understand why, but if there had been a better choice, he would have made it. A better choice from his perspective.

Every soul, every person is here on earth with a different life purpose and walks a different route. An ideal route for that person. And every person can only know, feel, experience for themselves what the right choices are in his or her life.

Of course, you are also part of the whole. You are part of the large group of humanity and you take this into account where possible. That happens automatically if you choose and live based on love. It just doesn’t necessarily mean that you do exactly what someone else wants.

So respect each in his or her heart choices. At most, look at what these choices bring about in you and, if necessary, work with yourself if you have difficulty with accepting this.

The problem is not that someone else thinks otherwise. The problem is that you think something of it and that bothers you. That underlying piece has nothing to do with the other. It is yours and is the result of your previous experiences. The pain of it is not caused by the other. It is only touched by him. And it’s up to you to look at that, recognize the real cause of your fears and other feelings, and then heal them within yourself.

A better world starts with you. And the good thing is, it’s completely in your hands!

And if you find you would rather have some support with that, for example with learning to listen to that inner voice or because you need help in a different way, please contact me. I will be happy to assist you.

You have to do it yourself, but not always by yourself.





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