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Newsletter 22 or 23 year anniversary?

Recently I needed the extract from the Chamber of Commerce and saw the registration date on it, March 14, 2000. That means that today I have officially had my own company for 22 years!

Or actually it was yesterday, but I didn’t think the 13th was a good date at the time, so we made it March 14 on the deed….
And to be honest, I had also started a year earlier, I just hadn’t registered yet.

So am I now celebrating the 22 or 23 anniversary of my practice? And was it yesterday or today?

Anyway, it has been a long time and despite the fact that the world is shaking to its foundations again, it is a good reason for a short newsletter and reconnect with you again, because I have some nice uplifting news to share.


Radhaa Publishing House, Energy Medicine

To read: new book Energy Healing an Soul Medicine

March 22, 2022, the Kindle version of the new American book Energy Healing and Soul Medicine will be released. The paperback version will be published just a month later. In this book 17 healers describe their own modalities and what happens during their sessions.

I myself wrote a chapter for this book about my the 40 Aura Layers and turned it into an energetic ‘vitamin bomb’. Complete with link to the tool on this English website.
Of course this is a excellent chapter to read and even if it is just one chapter, it describes the essence of current and essential themes.

If you are interested in several healing methods, then this book may be a must read for you.

You can pre-order it through March 22, 2022 for just $0.99 on Amazon.

And if you order it in the pre-sale, you’ll make me happy with it too, because we hope to make the book a # 1, a bestseller, of course. So thank you for that!

If you want to know more about my own way of working, which in itself already covers many fields and subjects, then please read my book 21 Layers of the Soul (or, as a Dutch reader you will of course benefit from all my Dutch books!) or book a healing so I can tell you all about the Layers while working with you.


To watch: new book interview

A new book also comes with an interview. It lasts about 15 minutes and that seems rather short, but with my speaking pace I can tell quite a lot in it. 🙂 If you’d like to watch it, please find it here

To do: free guided meditations

Another upcoming gift to you is the new meditation page where you can find free guided meditations.

As for now there’s only one, about being or feeling alone, but since I record them both in Dutch and in English, I already know what is to come: finding trust again, selfworth, dealing with fears and worries and how to handle long term illness for instance.

Please check this page in future or bookmark it or subscribe on my Youtubechannel (so you can listen tot the Dutch versions already and feel the energy).

To experience: One-day individual intensive How to follow your own life path

In this intensive I help you figure out and experience the answers to questions as: Where do I want to go, in life in general, in my relationship(s) and/or in working life? What is my life’s purpose and what’s my Soul’s mission? What is my life plan and how can I honor it?
After all the lock downs, it’s now possible again to book this one day intensive (in my practice). I lead you through the blockages from your past that prevent you from desiring and creating what you really want in life. Meditations, visualizations, inner work, systemic healings, healing the 40 layers of your aura, we walk your life path and do everything we can to think, feel, tap in and align with the creative force you yourself possess within.
So, if you can’t wait until the next retreat or you simply aren’t a group person, or you want to enjoy this solo-intensive in English, please call my assistant at +31 40 8434566 and book your own daylong road to the (b)right future!

This day can’t be held online. I’m sorry, but you’re more than welcome to visit my practice.

To connect

And, as always, I can be reached via my assistants on +31 40 8434566, weekdays from 8.30 AM – 5.00 PM. Petra and Aletta are available every weekday, even during holidays and can book sessions and answer questions.
Or you can book your own session with me online yourself!

So if I can be of any service, please let me know!

I wish you a beautiful day, a day with a festive edge!

Warm wishes, Annemiek


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