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First Healing Hands course in English ever!

Recently I’ve had an incredible Memorable Day and it made me reflect on this past year, 2018.. Apart from the healings I gave, I cleansed 6 houses and buildings energetically, gave 19 shorter one-on-one courses, 8 one day group courses, 1 two day group course, 1 day one-on-one training in Dutch and… for the first time a day long, a one-on-one training in English!
An Australian client told me- after she had a Skype healing session – that she wished to be trained by me and wanted to learn how to work in the layers of the aura. She lives in Sweden and especially flew in for this course.

So last year for the first time a client flew in for a session from Cape Town, South Africa, now a participant flies in for a course from Sweden and two years ago I gave a course in French that was translated into French. But this time it was all me, I gave a course in English and it went well. Piece of cake, or apple pie.

I translated the course materials this summer so I now needed to adapt them into a specialised programme. I arranged for two guinea pigs, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. They were well chosen because they and the trainee had similar issues and blockages, so she quickly needed to learn how to distinguish between her own energy and the energy of someone else.
We had lunch together with the ‘pigs’ and because it was so much fun we had an unplanned dinner afterwards together as well.

The day after, she had a session with me and she was finally able to lay on my massage table herself. And then she had to leave again. Back to Sweden…

The birth of the 5 day course: Healing the 40 layers of the Soul

It was called a holiday but in fact, I was working part time. Just weeks before my vacation was supposed to start, I planned my first Healing Hands course, in English. For an Australian participant who’s going to fly in from somewhere in Europe, especially for this course. That turned out to be contagious because… Continue Reading

New Course: Talking to the other side

A few weeks back I gave the pilot, today it was ‘the real deal’: the course: Talking to the other side. A one-on-one course in which you learn to communicate with your Soul, Higher Self, guides, angels, deceased loved ones etc.. I love to see how people start to trust the information they receive and… Continue Reading

Family constellations for very lazy people….

Now and then, when the situation requires it, I work with my personal version of Family of Organisational Constellations. This way of working was founded by Bert Hellinger and after I’d followed some courses at the Dutch Bert Hellinger institute, I developed a way of working, combining systemic work and aura healing. In a constellation… Continue Reading

Creating a HSP course for deaf people

Today I started creating a ‘How to embrace and use you being HSP while you are having a hearing disability’- course. Therefore I met with 2 lovely ladies: Nirosha Boer (chairperson of Stichting Zo hoort het (a foundation for people with hearing problems) and Georgia van de Gen (translator/interpreter for deaf people in Dutch speak/sign… Continue Reading

Flowers from a grateful client

Yesterday I received a beautiful bouquet from Marcel. He suffers from MS and came to thank me for my help during the stem cell transplantation he had in Mexico in November 2016. Having such a procedure in a country far away is kind of expensive and therefor he financed it by crowd funding. In just… Continue Reading