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Lecture Soul Connections and the 40 layers of the Soul

Soul Connections and the 40 layers of the Soul

People, or souls, are bound to each other through some of their layers of the aura. The higher layers of the aura, to be exact.

Before they incarnate they make a plan to make sure that all the situations they’re willing to experience, will definitely happen. In this way they create the frame of their life.

In order to execute this master plan, they need help from other souls. Therefore they make contracts with other souls like parents, brothers, sisters, future lovers, exes-to-be, children and enemies. All kinds of appointments can be found in the layers of your aura and sometimes they can shed some light on the why and how of some relationships and why they can be so aggravating and why other bonds almost seem impossible to let go of.

Some karmic bonds have literally existed for ages and through several different incarnations. So your mother in this life could have been your sister, husband or killer in a previous one.…Or in your next…!

I will tell you all about the construction and content of the 40* layers of the aura. I will show you the impact of blockages in them and where you can find he various soul agreements. I’ll talk about several types of contracts, the reasons they were made and I will respond to the questions, you might have concerning your personal relationships.

Furthermore, I will let you experience in which layer you yourself are experiencing, growing and developing (un)consciously at the moment and what that means.

Soul connections and the 40 layers of the aura is a meeting of related souls about soul connections, soul mates, karmic bonds and being part of the Greater Plan.

* This lecture is based on the book 21 Layers of the Soul and its Dutch sequel 40 Layers of the Soul revealed.

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