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The 40 Senses

the 40 Senses

First, I can help you learn to recognize and listen to your inner voice.

Once you can listen to your inner voice, I can help you learn to work with the information that is present in your own aura and in the great connecting field.

Your aura, the energy field in and around you, contains a lot of information about you as a person. But that is not only limited to you as a private person. There are also connections and information about you during your work.

Organizations therefore benefit if the auras of their employees, those parts of their personal fields that are relevant in this case, are well aligned and work together with the energy and goals of the organization.

I can teach you to handle the information of the 40 aura layers yourself. In this way you’ll have 40 ways, 40 life themes, 40 gateways into your energy field. By determining where a problem really is originated, you get to know what really lies behind it. And if you align to this when you have to solve a problem or make a choice, for example, then the solution that can arise is immediately at the right level. And that’s how other ways and solutions can come into the picture.

You can also learn this in groups. In management teams and other forms of collaboration, for example. This allows you to look at difficult issues in a new way. And, if not together, tackle it solo.

You can also address and solve underlying problems between team members. And, of course, you can also apply this as an organizational advisor or HR professional. Then, in addition to Listening to your inner voice, I will also teach you how to use The 40 auras, the 40 Senses in organizations.

The method for this is called The common senses.

Of course, I’m also open to examine and guide your organization myself and then I add my knowledge and reading and translations of the organizational energies and themes. Together with your fellow MT members I can teach you to listen to your inner voice and, even more important, act on it!

Of course, I will of course clear and heal any important energetic group (or relevant) personal blockages. This way you know that the right thing is always happening and that you are going through processes and making choices that are aligned with your real goals. Decisions that are aligned and therefor fit within the bigger picture, the Connecting Field.

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the 40 Senses
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