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Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021

2020 has been a challenging year for mankind, to put it mildly.

Everybody was invited to reinvent him –  or herself personally and often to create new ways of working as well. It didn’t matter if you believed covid-19 was just a type of flu or you felt that it was far more serious, the consequences of this pandemic were severe. The impact on our daily lives was enormous.

One of the biggest challenges was to stay connected. Connected with yourself, your inner self and your beliefs. And in addition, also interconnectivity, connecting with other people became important. How do you reach out to people you can’t visit or meet?

Quarantined, social distancing, face mask, new terms became almost normal and new habits were invented and learned.

All these changes make it even more important to connect with the right people. And that’s why I wrote quite an extensive newsletter this time and translated it into English.


Although not everything is possible because of the covid-19 related limitations, we all create our own lives and world. So long for and expect miracles and they surely will happen.

So please read on, feel the energy of all the exciting, enlightening things I have to offer, and realise that although these interesting books, courses and more fun stuff are all written or given in Dutch, when necessary or needed I can always work in English. Don’t think: it’s not possible due to covid and closed borders, but dream big and positive when you think: I want that too!!!!

And please let me know what you need from me. Then the universe and I can put things in motion…


The compensation numbers are published

In the Netherlands my consultations are partly paid for by the Dutch health care insurance companies. That is, when you’ve got the right, supplementary insurance. Please check the site for compensating insurance companies.

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021

My practice is covid-19 proof and long-distance sessions remain available

As those of you who recently have called me already know, it’s now possible to choose between a long-distance session and a live session in my practice. Of course, my practice follows all the guidelines (I clean and wash constantly!) and because of the protective shield in between and the distance I already kept since I don’t have to touch you, as I work in your aura, it’s no problem to work safely.

So good news for those clients who normally visit the practice: it’s now possible to have a long-distance session too. It saves a sometimes long car ride, but you’ll miss the yummie chocolates!


Mustread with new tools for self-help: The Common Senses® (in Dutch: De 40 Zin-tuigen®)

This summer I published my third book in Dutch: De 40 Zin-tuigen, je hoofdweg naar bezield werken en leven. In English: the Common Senses.

It describes the 40 life themes that every person comes across during his life time on earth. It helps you to find out where the blockages in your life and energy field are situated and it helps you resolve them. By yourself. It contains tips and explains how and why you find yourself bumping into the same problems, over and over again. It translates the sometimes seemingly incomprehensible world of energy and your own energy field (your aura) and the fields of the business or company your work for, into logic, everyday life experiences, healthier ways of thinking and new solutions. By reading the book and applying it, it suddenly becomes easier to choose. It becomes more natural to live, work and be balanced, all at the same time.

Unfortunately it isn’t out in English yet, but if you want the content applied in your long-distance (Skype) session, please let me know.

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021

To watch: Book presentation and interviews

Of course I was also interviewed when my latest book was launched this summer. A special interview is the one I did together with Marco Buschman – author of the Dutch bestseller The Connection Quotient (Verbindend Vermogen). He wrote the enthusiastic introduction to De 40 Zin-tuigen. You find these Dutch interviews on my Dutch media page.

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021, the 40 Senses

New two-day Course Your Common Senses

In 2021 the brand new Dutch course Your Common Senses premieres world wide. It’s based on the Dutch book, The Common Senses.

This two-day program supports you in sensing and experiencing who you are and what your purpose in this life and career is.

On what level and which life themes go wrong and what can be done about it?

In just two days I help you (re)connect with your center, and help you resolve your issues, questions and problems on exactly the right level. I give you exercises, (guided) meditations, methods, insights, and I teach you how to use your own aura as a life map. You can use these techniques at home or at work and will be able to make your decisions with more ease and self-confidence. And with better results. The course helps you heal at a deep level. The insights you’ll receive and find during the course, will be translated into actions.

If you would like to attend or want to book a customized version for your own team, please contact me.

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021

Retreats 2020 and 2021

The French retreat (the first retreat I ever gave) was postponed until October but when it finally took place, it was a resounding success!

Because of the fact that more people wanted to participate than could attend, I’ll organize another retreat in 2021. This time we will meet in Holland, so we depend less on the everchanging covid-19 rules and it’s easier to reach our destination (literally and figuratively). If you speak Dutch and would like to join, please let me know.

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021

New one-day individual intensive: How to follow your own life path

In this intensive I help you figure out and experience the answers to questions as: Where do I want to go, in life in general, in my relationship(s) and/or in working life? What is my life’s purpose and what’s my Soul’s mission? What is my life plan and how can I honor it?

Starting January 1 2021 it’s possible to book this one day intensive (in my practice). I lead you through the blockages from your past that prevent you from desiring and creating what you really want in life. Meditations, visualizations, inner work, systemic healings, healing the 40 layers of your aura, we walk your life path and do everything we can to think, feel, tap in and align with the creative force you yourself possess within.

So, if you can’t wait until the next retreat or you simply aren’t a group person, or you want to enjoy this one-intensive that easily can be held in English, please call my assistant at +31 40 8434566 and book your own daylong road to the (b)right future!

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021

Talking to the Other Side, HSP, Healing Hands and other courses 

Unfortunately, I could only give part of the courses had planned this year. Strict regulations still make it somewhat difficult to give courses, since it’s difficult keeping one’s distance while working in auras.

In 2021 I will be giving courses in smaller groups in my own facility as well as courses in the usual size. This takes a bit more time to plan and that’s why the course calendar isn’t available yet. But, Healing Hands (beginners) and advanced and the specials, The 40 layers of the aura and The Common Senses (40 Zin-tuigen) will be planned shortly.

Talking to the Other Side, HSP and Managing (your) energy and How to follow your own life path can be booked anytime. In my practice, that is.


And did you know that a free Dutch HSP course with sign language interpreter is online on my site?

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021, healing animals

Healing animals

After flying under the radar for years, healing my client’s pets and animals such as dogs, cats, horses (yep, I’m a horse whisperer) birds, and other animals, I now (officially) work with animals, on Fridays.

At your home, in my special animal practice room or long distance by Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or Teams. A lot is possible. Sometimes I touch them physically, sometimes I only work in their auras. Please check out the Dutch animation and if you want to book a session for your dearest friend, please call my assistant at +31 40 8434566 or book a Skype session.

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021, RIP Senna

Thank you

For 13 years she was a constant in my practice. Senna, my lovely Labrador. She passed in July and she’s with me in Spirit ever since.

Of course, I miss her dearly, but I’ve felt supported by all the loving messages and personal postcards sent to me after her passing. I knew that a lot of people were fond of her. But I never realized what an impact she has had on so many lives by being herself and thus adding to my healing sessions. So I want to thank everybody that has reached out to me to let me know and comfort me. It is deeply appreciated.

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021



And, as always, I can be reached via my assistants on +31 40 8434566, weekdays from 8.30 AM – 5.00 PM. Petra and Aletta are available every weekday, even during holidays (except for December 25-26 and January 1) and can book sessions and answer questions.


So if I can be of any service, please let me know!

Looking back, but predominantly looking forward to 2021, Annemiek Douw

Warm wishes, Annemiek

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