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Reasons to be grateful

May 4, 2019. The day we Dutch people remember all the souls that gave their lives during all types of wars and peace keeping operations.

I have another reason to be grateful today, since it’s also the day my lovely Labrador turned 12.
12 years of daily cuddles, throwing bones, unconditional love and loyalty, the best company someone can have, and cooking green beans and chicken especially for her.
Years in which on a daily basis she joint me and the clients in my practice if she was allowed by the latter. And every year she snores a bit louder.

Years of countless visits to the vet because of the numerous ear infections, stomach and bowl problems, dislocated shoulders, teeth pulling, fainting in lakes in forests where no one could help us, running and jumping over and in fences and passing rivers but landing on her face. Arthrosis and pain leading to paralysed feet at the end of 2018, the result of vertebrae that were dislocated because her body gets older and sags bit by bit.

Of course, I do everything I can to help her heal but late 2018 the vet told me that I really needed to consider euthanasia because of the recurrent paralysation of her feet.
For 3 days the world stood still. Day and night, I held her and tried to comfort her and ease the pain. Told her that if it was her time, she needed to leave it was ok. And prayed that she wouldn’t. A miracle happened and she pulled through.

Since then we live in borrowed time. And enjoy her even more then I already did.
Earlier this week 6 vertebrae were put back in their right position again and Senna runs and jumps like the puppy she once was.

Today she turned 12 and got a lot of presents, which she opened herself. She’s happy, healthy and I hope she’ll stay that way for many days to come.

May 4, 2019. I have every reason to be grateful, and I am.


Hearing voices

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A dog’s life

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