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Heal the world, judgments and COVID19

Writing a trilogy about judgments and how they can hurt or get in your way, got me thinking about language and covid. I noticed that I find the choice of words in certain media and messages sometimes is biased and that unnecessary negativity is spread as a result. Stereotyping is hurtful. Always. This blog is therefore about daily practice. Language, media, judgment and covid.


We’ve been living in a strange world for a year or so. Covid-19 appeared on stage and the whole world went upside down and locked. The fear was immense. We saw horrible Italian pictures and footage of people in hospitals. We heard funeral directors who could no longer cope with the flow of the deceased. And even in the beautiful countryside of Brabant (the Netherlands) where I live, the virus spread around. Also close to home, even in my home since I fell ill myself.

Initially we clapped for healthcare workers and many people sympathized with each other. Locked in their homes they connected with each other in new ways, in a completely new situation.

A year later, everybody is fed up. The healthcare workers are exhausted. Other people have had it with the restrictions. Things cannot or may not be done, but also the fact that it is decided for you what you can and cannot do, and also that the fundamental human rights suddenly no longer appear to be a real, fundamental right, causes unrest and resistance. Not for everyone, but for many. On the other hand, there are people who are angry because others do not follow the imposed rules. Or because they do not want to be vaccinated. They call them dangerous. Antisocial.

The language used in the press also adds fuel to the fire. ‘Conspiracy thinkers’, ‘woo-woo’s’,‘vaccine refusers’, for example, are not overly neutral, loving terms. ‘Dissenters’, or ’bio-logicals’ could also have been their nicknames (by the way, I’m not a native speaker, so I hope the terms don’t get lost in translation!) Almost every neutral name is better than a term that puts the other person down as if he or she has not quite understood the situation yet.

And just as the people who follow a certain branch of science trust the government and certain advisors and therefore sometimes look down on those who assess it differently or at least want to deal with it differently, the dissenters can also look down on the others. Instead of looking compassionately at people who want to be vaccinated, keep their distance and wear mouth masks voluntarily.

I believe that both views are actually just as harmful. And therefore just as correct.

But I used the word harmful for a reason, because you no longer take the other seriously. You think you know best. And often you stop really listening and connecting because of it. ‘The truth’The whole duality, the dichotomy in society, the sharpness with which ‘the opposing party’ is treated and the unfriendly choice of words used, these are all examples of opinions that become judgments based on the underlying fear. So opinions with a capital O. As if your Opinion is the truth and as if you can impose it on someone else.

And if something has become clear in the past year, it is that you cannot live by someone else’s truth. You can only be true to yourself and that automatically means that you do not have to convince someone else of your vision and you’re being right. There are as many points of view as there are people walking around on earth. Each person has his own background, pain points and wisdom, which he combines with the input he receives. In this way he forms his own views and beliefs. And draws his own conclusions.Sometimes the media and reports online are not all equally neutral, reliable, complete or the original sources are incorrect or simply lying or ‘unable to recollect’. In addition, your own emotions and feelings together with your personal characteristics, history, common sense, your faith, your faith in life and so on will determine the conclusions you ultimately draw. And whether you are still able to adjust them.

Heal the world, judgments and COVID19

Two flavors

Ultimately, there are only two flavors. There are two ways to live life: based on love or based on fear. Do you live in a safe universe? Do you basically rely on life and yourself? Then you usually choose from peace and positivity and in this case, you probably also rely on the self-healing ability of your body.  Or you choose not to live in fear and to spend the rest of your days in defense against an invisible virus. Even if it possibly can kill you.

Or you trust that your soul knows when it is time for your transition to the other side and that gives you peace in an unclear situation. All is well. It always is, it simply doesn’t always feel so good. Then you make different choices than someone who’s life is less based on trust and is more fed by fear.

Your choices aren’t necessarily better, but they are based on other things. Or do you put your trust in science? Then you sometimes make other choices and that is also fine. Every person ultimately decides for himself. And if you see the universe as hostile, life can be hard, a tough job, and then you live from a slightly different mindset too. Then you have to work harder and you have to conquer more and perhaps little will come to you easily.

Or you simply prefer to have control, which is of course also possible. And then a virus that can cause serious illness or death (or any other cause that can lead to death) is probably a specter that must be fought. That makes sense. And it affects how you think. That too makes perfect sense if you are in the shoes of the person concerned.

Yet no one approach is best for everyone. There is no recipe that if you continue to live your life with a mouth mask on, keeping that many meters away, you will get through this time unscathed. You don’t get that guarantee. In the end you will never get such guarantees in life anyway and that is a good thing because life is about experiencing, experiencing and experiencing. Not to hide and sit the ride out safely until the end.

I think that every person, every soul walks around here on earth with a different purpose. How you deal with what is going on in the world now – a major revolution that flawlessly brings up for every person the exact areas he or she is not yet completely in balance in and where some old wounds may be healed – ensures that every person must find its own route in this. Every person must follow his own path, no matter how easy and safe it may seem to let someone else determine the right path or the right behavior.

Heal the world, judgments and COVID19

Own responsibility

Covid19 has awakened our Own Responsibility. You can no longer pass it off. Everyone has to work. Every life is influenced by it and so you can see for yourself what the effect is for you, what can be healed, what you have to learn to deal with and what you can grow in. How do you want to live and how do you want to be? What are you afraid of and how do you recover from it? And how far are you willing to go? What would you invest?

Self-determination is the greatest good in this. Every person decides what suits himself best. On a Soul level, that what is aligned with your own Soul path is automatically aligned with het Higher Good of all creatures, so please start by focusing on your own path. Of course you can also take into account the possible impact of your behavior on someone else when making your decision. But it doesn’t mean you should feel guilty if you choose to live differently from your neighbor. A proud vegetarian may reduce animal suffering, but that does not make him more pleasant in company.

No one can determine for another. Luckily not. You can only tune in to what is the Highest Good for you to do and thus follow your heart, your soul. If that means for you to get yourself vaccinated, then that’s it and if it is mouth-capless-without-distance-and-vaccine, then that’s it. Both can be equally correct on a Soul level. I therefore hope that you let everyone come to their own decision. Do not judge someone else for coming to a different understanding than yourself. Someone else is not necessarily misinformed or stupid. He is not even ‘not ready’ to see the world as you see it, because that would be another form of arrogance.

A person stands where he is and that is by definition the right place, otherwise he would have been somewhere else in his life. In my view everyone is the expert about themselves.  Every person is a soul in a human jacket and makes choices that suit his or her life path. They are by definition different, because no one follows the same path.So someone else probably thinks differently than you. After all, it rarely happens that people come to exactly the same conclusion based on the same information. If that worked differently, there would never be any discussions and there would be no such thing as the Talk Show phenomenon, in which countless experts gather to give their views on a subject. And then there would not be so many assessments before people are hired in a new position. Then certain information always led to the same conclusion. With everyone. Then one plus one was always two. And it rarely is. Really two.


So if you want to contribute to a quick solution to all the misery in the world, eliminate judgments in your choice of words and thinking and do not use the easy terms ‘sheep or ‘conspiracy thinkers, ‘trolls’, or ‘stupid’ and words like that. Try to neutralize your own judgments and thinking and accept everyone in their own way. For example, introduce the term ‘thinking differently’ or ‘original’. Then you are more loving towards your environment and there is a lot less discussion and more room for dialogue.

Then people do not stick to possibly outdated ideas and patterns out of resistance and ego, but they are free to think in terms of possibilities and discover how they are (now) in them. And whatever that is, that’s what it is. That is sometimes the tricky part and at the same time the beautiful thing.


Looking at auras it means that by practicing and playing with your judgments, you are growing fast in aura layer 18. And that means you immediately contribute to the diminishing of duality on earth. If you accept that things are sometimes different and go beyond what you think is right, correct or pleasant, you will notice that a lot of discussion was not about the content, but about the uncomfortable feeling you had, because you had a different preference or expectation. And even if you never say them out loud, when you think more loving words, your energy, your face, and even your whole being, will soften and will feel more comfortable. It makes your own life more pleasant and that alone is worth all the effort.

Heal the world, judgments and COVID19

And of course, like every human being, I sometimes judge too. I am aware of it and know that it just shows me what my personal preferences are. Working with them helped me learn how to heal and solve them. I discovered useful ways to deal with them in a healthy way and I am happy to share them with you. Do you want to know more about judgments, expectations, what happens to your energy when you judge or are judged? Then read the blog trilogy I wrote about Judging. And if you need more tools, or do you want to do something about it, please read one of my books, for instance 21 Layers of the Soul. Or book a long distance session or course with me and let me work in the highest layers of your aura.


And did you notice that the covid bulb looks slightly different than usual? You’re right! This was one of the cover designs for my latest Dutch book! But during the design process in Spring 2020 when covid first occurred, due to the similarity with the covid symbol, I preferred a different book design. Hence I have used this design in this blog as an illustration. Aspositive vibe. 🙂



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