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Healing Flowers and old sorrows

Saturday afternoon, 2.15 pm, 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The sun is shining and the whole world seems to be free and enjoying it.

Everyone except the about 160 members of the Professional Association of Therapists with whom I am in a long online members meeting. Logged in neatly at 9.00 am and now it is more than 5 hours later.

I’m tired and sitting at my Mac in my office when my house doorbell rings while the votes are recounted. We were about to start again, so I’m a bit restless and I think: should I open the door or not?

I decide to open it. That means a short run: out of the practice, through the waiting room, pass the hall, cross the kitchen, then another 5.85 meters of course room annex animal treatment room and then I am at the front of the private part of my house. Only at a different door, because my private front door is next to it again, at the top of a staircase; I live in a split level house.

I don’t immediately see who is at the door. I do see a battered white van with such damage on the side that it looks like a delivery van. But I didn’t order anything. With a question mark at my face I look at the young lady who is sitting uninterested in the passenger seat, swiping her smartphone and she points to my other front door, just around the corner and thus out of my view, at the top of the stairs.

First a large box appears and then I see a head. Package for me.

I just hadn’t ordered anything so I think it must be for the neighbours. I check the name to see which neighbour the big box is for and to my surprise I see my own name as the recipient….

Happy with this unexpected delivery, I’m in doubt. Because I was still in the – temporarily paused – meeting. I’m actually in a hurry. I thank the delivery person, close the door and hop back to my practice with the box in my arms this time.

The chairman is not back yet, so I quickly open the box.

Healing Flowers and old sorrows 1

A large bunch of sunflowers looks at me. What a joy! And what a love they spread!

They are sent by customers who are happy with me and who I had spent extra time on outside of work hours earlier this week. They thank me for my help with this.

What they don’t know, is that I actually dislike sunflowers. I felt like that for years after a former lover broke up with me and at the same time brought me a bunch of sunflowers; I was almost having my birthday and this way he had been attentive, right?!

So sunflowers represented sadness for me ever since and I never bought them again myself. Until Saturday I couldn’t see them anymore. But Saturday that inner wound was healed.

What a wonderful bouquet to receive, what energy and what timing! I was really ready for my well-deserved weekend and I still had fifteen minutes of meeting to go. Thanks to the sunflowers, I was immediately revitalized and cheerful.

Healing Flowers and old sorrows 2

So thank you Hans and Hannette for this sweet gesture. It was absolutely not needed of course, but is highly appreciated!

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