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Food and (energetic) blockages

‘It all comes from not having front doors big enough’, Pooh said.
`It all comes from eating too much,’ Rabbit said coolly.
‘I just thought, but I didn’t want to say it, that at least one of us was eating too much, and I knew that I wasn’t that one’
Friday, 28 June 2019. The Healing Hands Phenq advanced course: ‘the stomach and the role food plays when it comes to energetic blockages and healing.’
A day in which food allergies, eating away emotions (why, how, and what can you do about it?), eating disorders and their meaning and for instance the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine and their connection with eating were topics that I explained and the particpants explored during the healing sessions.
A day that I really had been looking forward to. When I give courses at my own facility I already enjoy serving great and tasty lunches, but in this case I could go all the way because no one had any food allergies or other diet wishes so I could simply serve what my heart felt like.
So we had a large salad with smoked chicken, tasty toms, pickles, feta, eggs and pine nuts. And we had all types of specials breads and delicious toppings, such as sheep cheese, goat cheese with fenugreek, lovely humus, the special Stuffed Egg salad that all Dutch people know (don’t eat it because it’s addictive) and a nice serving of tapas. All kinds of meatballs, chorizo filled with goat cheese, olives, mayonnaise with truffle, salami truffle with parmesan (yes, I detect a theme there too, I do love truffle!), ham, boiled eggs and sun dried tomatoes.
Everyone could follow his stomach (in this case) and eat exactly what he really felt like. And it was fun!
I quoted Pooh for a reason: just like him we had some small bites, ‘inbetweens’ and drinks. Freshly ground coffee, numerous types of teas, lots of water, ice creams, nuts, chocolates, butter cakes for Lisette, and the real Dutch treat: stroopwafels, but with a twist. This time the syrup had additions. Caramel and bananas were added to half of them while the other flavour was changed into lavender with pepper.
Of course all this food wasn’t the reason that people attended (but perhaps it will be the reason that they’ll return :-)) . They came because of the theory and insights I shared with them and because they learned how to heal someone in these areas.
Fortunately that went very well too, so it was a lovely day.
The next weeks I still will be as busy as the last couple of months with fine tuning the new materials that I’ve developed. I will take them for a test drive in a (second) pilot course with organizational professionals. And I will work with these professionals teaching  them more about layers in the aura….
Then I’ll have a holiday break in august. In September I will announce to the world what I’ve developed, so if you’re curious, please stay in touch!
Enjoy the summer!

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