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40 layers and coffee

Friday January 25th, 2019. A new course group ’40 layers of the Soul in practice’. It started off with two women crying, laughing at the same time. Two best friends from two totally different places that had forgotten to tell each other that they both were attending the same course. Strange but funny.
Then the next surprise. All participants drank coffee. That had never happened before. I was the only tea lover.

The day went great. We experienced the energy from the 40 layers of the aura, I let them connect with their soul races, and with their soul groups. They felt the energy of Soul connections and agreements in various forms and shapes and of course we talked about the family karma layer and felt the energies there.
We went outside to reconnect and re-align to the shifting earth grid and we talked about how to let your Soul be more active and leading in your work and life. If possible we combined it with systemic work theories and other ways of looking at life and everyone’s Soul was touched in numerous ways.

Lucky for me the lunch was also a success. Apart from the bread and salad and all kinds of toppings, I made some myself. And people ate them

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