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France, alpaca’s, new book and a French retraite

I’ve been shrouded in silence the last couple of weeks. And the things I did say I said in French!


For the past two weeks I’ve been working in France, writing a new, third book in Dutch. I had already started writing during summer, but needed some time to work really hard and undisturbed. Instead of an autumn holiday, I decided to go to France and visit a friend who lives in the small village of Laussou, about 1054 km from my hometown. I didn’t even have reception, so I really was off the grid.
Without the distraction of phone calls, too much clients or emails, I worked hard. I worked long hours almost every day and I’m happy to say clomid precio, I’ve written a lot!
Of course it will take months or a year to write the rest of this book. And even more time to translate it into English, but for now, I’m just happy with two very special, fruitful weeks.

Yesterday, my first day off, I visited the Chambre d’hôte where I will conduct the retraite in May 2020. After we enjoyed dinner earlier this week, I checked out the rooms and the restaurant where we will work and have our meals in May. Yesterday we had lunch there with the lovely owners Ruud and Pascale. They are a Dutch/Belgian couple who own the place and make their guests feel more than welcome. I took some pictures to show what it looked like yesterday: The building looks small in the great, wide landscape. The forest nearby. The sky and clouds everywhere. Monsieur Dupont, the dog that welcomed us.

If you want to know all the details about this Dutch retraite in France, or want to use the link to see more of the place to be in May, please visit my Dutch websitehttps://www.annemiekdouw.nl/wp/cursussen/retraite/

As I mentioned earlier, I myself stayed in Laussou. Raymond, the owner of the beautiful mansion I stayed in, has 10 alpaca’s, 2 dogs and 5 cats. Senna, my 12,5 years old labrador, needed some time to adjust to this new situation. In the film you can watch her first encounter with this, to her, completely new species.
The other pictures are taken during the rest of our stay. Each day the cats and Sen became better friends, as the pictures show. Tomorrow I’ll be driving home again. A bit tired, from all my hard work, but very satisfied I’ve had such productive weeks.


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