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Ill in times of COVID-19

Because a dear friend and I are ill together apart (she lives one hour away) we talked on the phone. I created some affirmations, to help her head think positive thoughts and focus her energy on a positive outcome. Perhaps these affirmations can be a help for you too?

I have full confidence in my physical body

My body works hard to serve me in the best way possible.

Everyday I’m getting healthier and my health grows to new and higher levels.

My wellbeing grows every second

I trust that the self-healing ability of my body heals everything that isn’t a intended part of my Path and that it heals what needs to be healed according to Plan

I trust my Soul’s Path

All is well and it gets even better

I’m safe, grateful for my life and I experience inner peace, every day, all day, even in times of crises.


These thoughts, used together with a list of things that you feel grateful for, may be of assistance to support yourself during these times of COVID-19 uncertainty.


Ill in times of COVID

Healing Flowers and old sorrows

Saturday afternoon, 2.15 pm, 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The sun is shining and the whole world seems to be free and enjoying it. Everyone except the about 160 members of the Professional Association of Therapists with whom I am in a long online members meeting....

Heal the world, judgments and COVID19

Writing a trilogy about judgments and how they can hurt or get in your way, got me thinking about language and covid. I noticed that I find the choice of words in certain media and messages sometimes is biased and that unnecessary negativity is spread as a result....

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for 2021! The year Living Apart Together becomes Living Happily Ever After  for everyone 🙂

Healing animals

For years I worked healing animals and pets below the radar. Horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, black beetles and for instance lady bugs. I’m not an expert in animals but I’m an expert in healing Beings. And working in the auras of beloved pets and other animals is...


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