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Healing the 21 layers of the aura

Workshop (for therapists)

Werken in de 21 auralagen

Are you an energetic, paranormal therapist and/or medium and would you like to learn in the Higher layers of the aura? You can, as long as you are wired for it, that is.

During the workshop Healing the 21 layers of the aura I’ll teach you in a few days how to heal clients using those interesting aura layers.


Informally we discuss the theory of working on the 21 layers of the aura: the basic principles of working on the aura layers, letting go of the ego and how to tune in to the soul of the client, align with them.

You will learn the meaning of layers 1 to 21 and learn to read the information in them. You will hear examples, best practises and all kinds of situations and problems you may encounter working in these aura fields. The do’s and the don’ts, the pitfalls and the highs.