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Creating a HSP course for deaf people

Today I started creating a ‘How to embrace and use you being HSP while you are having a hearing disability’- course. Therefore I met with 2 lovely ladies: Nirosha Boer (chairperson of Stichting Zo hoort het (a foundation for people with hearing problems) and Georgia van de Gen (translator/interpreter for deaf people in Dutch speak/sign language).

We are building a course, a programme for people with hearing disabilities who also are HSP and suffer extra because there’s almost no information for them how to learn to deal with this, let alone there’s a way to learn how to appreciate these qualities and learn how to use them in a positive manner in ones life.

We decided we want to change that.

Since the content of the course will be in Dutch and sign language is in this particular case connected to Dutch I will not bother you with all the course content, ‘cause I only can give the original HSP course in English, not this one I guess, but it has been an interesting afternoon.

A day in which I learnt for instance, that a lot of deaf people aren’t able to read properly, since letters are connected to verbal words, and not to sign language.
That’s why it’s no use to create a reader with course exercises and theory. But since we do want the participants to be able to check the information I’ll give, we decided to tape the whole two day course. Tape it and subtitle it and then add 2 interpreters in special frames on screen since there are 2 standards for interpreting… Who said life is simple 

We enjoyed ourselves a lot (always a good sign) and plan to give the course next Spring. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, in case you wonder why this picture? This is the diet we were on since there is a heat wave in the Netherlands and on TV there’s a lot to do about drinking enough.


You can see for yourself, we did…