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The birth of the 5 day course: Healing the 40 layers of the Soul

It was called a holiday but in fact, I was working part time.

Just weeks before my vacation was supposed to start, I planned my first Healing Hands course, in English. For an Australian participant who’s going to fly in from somewhere in Europe, especially for this course.

That turned out to be contagious because I suddenly felt the urge to translate a large part of the course materials I have developed over the years into English.

The courses Healing Hands, Healing Hands Advanced, Talking to the other side (connecting with your Soul, guides, deceased loved ones etc), Working in 21 layers of the aura ( 2 days) and The practice of 40 layers of the Soul. It all came together in the slides of a 5 days course called ’Healing the 40 layers of the Soul’.

I find it really touching to see my life’s work in English, ready for when ever it’s needed.

Meanwhile I also prepared for 7 other courses in Dutch so there’s a lot to be happy about.

And do you want to hear more about my courses and other topics, please check out this page for more details because in October there’ll be an live interview in English by Peg Jones where you can call in and ask me questions!