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Healing Hands- the basics

October 2nd 2015 I gave another course Healing Hands- the basics. 8 Participants, 4 treatment tables (is that even a word in English? It sounds sooo Dutch), outside the sun was shining thus creating a perfect setting for us to reflect and discuss the healings we just gave and experienced, a delicious lunch and loads of fresh Mint Teas and cappuccino’s resulted, together with an interesting program, in a great experience.

The themes within this group were completely different than those in last week’s group. It was about being called by another name than the original birth name and the effect it had on one’s personal strength and energy. So people changed their names back into the original modvigil ones and started changing.

The whole group found out how Truth feels in your body and how to use that as a tool as to differentiate to what you perceive in your body. Is it your energy or someone else’s? How to ground yourself and a client and why should you do that to begin with? How to heal using ‘the Works according to Annemiek’ and then how to let go of that manner and integrate the way of thinking and healing into your own way of working.

And it was really funny to find out that masseuses found it so hard to not physically work so hard but let their energy do the work. Even physical blockages will melt when treated with the right energy and loving attention.

It was a great day, in all aspects and I kindly request the Universe to create more of these. Thank you!