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Courses, table and dates

After 4 months of waiting because I really wanted an amethyst coloured Earth Lite, conforma and it had to be shipped by ship from the USA especially for me, I proudly present you the newest member of massage tables I use during the courses I give.


I almost didn’t write this post because I just tested it and it feels like my bed, I didn’t want to get up, because it follows the natural contours of the body. It provides extra breast support and spinal alignment by unlocking a zipper at the top.  Heavenly!

If you want to experience it while learning a lot about energy and auras you can inscribe for one of the upcoming courses. The first courses for 2018 are already planned: Healing Hands-the basics, The 40 Layers of the Soul and A ‘Healing Hands advanced, how to connect on various levels’. Furthermore I will give special courses ‘Sensing and dealing with energy for HSP who are deaf’ which will be translated by sign language interpreters.

If you’re interested, please let me know!

Farewell to my father

Thursday September 21st my dearly beloved father passed away in a hospital in Heraklion, Crete. Lucky for us, my sisters and I flew in just in time to help and support him during his last journey. He died calmly in our arms, just a few hours after our arrival. Last Friday, October 6th the farewell… Continue Reading

Creating a HSP course for deaf people

Today I started creating a ‘How to embrace and use you being HSP while you are having a hearing disability’- course. Therefore I met with 2 lovely ladies: Nirosha Boer (chairperson of Stichting Zo hoort het (a foundation for people with hearing problems) and Georgia van de Gen (translator/interpreter for deaf people in Dutch speak/sign… Continue Reading

Flowers from a grateful client

Yesterday I received a beautiful bouquet from Marcel. He suffers from MS and came to thank me for my help during the stem cell transplantation he had in Mexico in November 2016. Having such a procedure in a country far away is kind of expensive and therefor he financed it by crowd funding. In just… Continue Reading

Moved to my new practice

After months of being relatively silent, I proudly present the first photographs of my new practice! I can hardly believe that from now on I can work in this beautiful place. I’m so grateful and every time I pass through the waiting room and enter my practice, I feel peaceful and so very very happy,… Continue Reading

Not one bridge too far

Yesterday we finally did it: 7 of the course participants and I went to Arnhem, to help hundreds of souls go to the Light. Most of them died during WOII and were still not able to leave the battlefield. During a course in March we came to talk about it and since the participants had… Continue Reading