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All of the courses that I give -Healing the 21 layers of the aura, Your daily life with the 40 Layers of the Soul, Healing Hands 1, 2 and all the advanced courses- are approved by the Dutch Association of Naturopathic Therapists (Het Verbond), the Association of which I am a member too.

But all courses in 2015 and the first one planned in 2016 are also fully booked so in a way it’s a good thing that my colleagues don’t have time this year. They (we) need to study a lot for the exams because we all have to re-do the medical part of the studies that made us licensed in the first place, due to a new rule invented by the insurance companies ☹. So, in 2016 there will be room in my courses again and will there be free time in their calendars to attend.

Meanwhile, if you notice me being quiet, it’s because I work in my practice, give a lot of courses and have to study in the upcoming months. Wish me luck?!

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