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Back to ‘normal’

I love it when my life seems to find it’s own ‘normal’ course again.
After months of grieving, caring and nursing for ill family members and finally a nasty flue with a serious fever which helped all the cells in my body to upgrade to the newest level, the new improved me was happy to give the second course of this year: the 40 layers of the Soul, the ins and outs.
The course group was an international one: Italians, Belgians, Frenchs, Limburgians, Brabantines, plain Dutch and even someone from the Hague :-), so we spoke a lot of different languages but nevertheless we understood each other.

During this intensive theme’s were touched by hearing and experiencing the layers and de-blocking energy that was stuck of just sticky. News ways were found and old habits were let go of and while working we found out that all the different cultures symbolised the different soul races and backgrounds of all the souls that were present.

We went and experienced the changing grid of the earth, along with the beautiful energy of the large red beech in the frond yard. Some people found out that that’s a quick way of restoring your energy: just connect with a good energy source.

The course also showed that every soul has his own soul path and Plan as a guideline and that it’s merely a matter of listening to your soul and then the law of attraction will put the souls on your path you have an appointment with or that come in handy, freestyling, because their energy resonates with yours so you can be helpful to each other.

So, just be your Self so you’ll attract the right souls and the right people will find you.

Best Selling Author

I was ill, having a fever, coughing and sneezing and I couldn’t sleep. Restless as I was, I checked my email on my phone around 4 am and then smiled. Time differences sometimes come in handy. While I was struggling through the night, someone overseas, from Radhaa...


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I’m a specialist working in the 40 Layers of the Aura, the 40 Layers of the Soul. After months of working with former COVID-patients healing their issues in their auras, I noticed something interesting that I would like to share. A few months back Mandy came to my...

Think yourself out of the Box

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Healing Flowers and old sorrows

Saturday afternoon, 2.15 pm, 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The sun is shining and the whole world seems to be free and enjoying it. Everyone except the about 160 members of the Professional Association of Therapists with whom I am in a long online members meeting....


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