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First course: 40 layers of the Aura

October 9th  ’15: for the first time in history I gave the course The ins and outs of the 40 layers of the Soul. A day in which I tried to summarize all the content of my books about the layers of the aura: 1 to 40.

A brave attempt in which I almost succeeded. I ‘only ‘ needed an extra hour but since the group was okay with that, it didn’t cause any problems.

All day I shared my insights about all the layers and a lot of questions were asked so knowledge and understanding grew.

But we didn’t just talk about the layers, we experienced them too. For instance, everyone learned how to connect with his own Soul Race and felt the supportive energy. They also healed several wounds connected to that race, on different levels.

Next, I taught them how to connect with their Soul Group and how to let yourself be nourished by them.

Later on people discovered how to feel the earth grid and connect to that as well and received new updated energy from that grid.

The icing on the cake was a meeting with an ET, a friendly one that I had invited because a couple of participants had told me that they would like to experience that. So I asked a Foreign Friend and he came. 

He looked like Humpty Dumpty and had a bubbly funny energy so it was a pleasant learning experience for the whole group.

It also was a perfect example of connecting from heart to heart, soul to soul with another being, regardless the outside, origin or species. It was a beautiful experience.

We meditated on music by Snatam Kaur and solved the duality within us and at the end of the day, the course was already over, we as a group meditated again and sent Light to a young client of mine, a little boy who is fighting for his life.

It really touched my heart that everyone voluntarily stayed, even when it was after hours and gave his best, his love and light to send to the little boy. Our prayers and love are still with him.

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