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French courses, May 17th 2016

This afternoon I said goodbye to my ‘first international course group’ ever; consisting of solely Dutch members who especially flew in for the 2-day course Healing Hands 1 and 2, Working Energetically and Healing the Aura.

On Friday afternoon they arrived from all corners of the country. Whilst I was going to all sorts of trouble in the gite (cottage) in Ginestous to get the fire going (it involved jamming a hammer in a hole to keep a small door closed, placing a large stone against it and then slithering to the cellar in the streaming rain, hitting a small motor with a screwdriver and finally continually adjusting a screw so that the central heating, which was heated by the fire, wouldn’t explode – very relaxing) so as to give my guests a warm welcome. I was just in the process of filling a basket with more firewood when they arrived and saw me working vigorously. I really made an excellent first impression .



Somewhat disoriented by the long journey, the new environment, ditto energy and the new company, they quickly dropped their bags in their respective rooms and installed themselves around the fireplace with a refreshing drink. One or two hours later than planned as their navigation system had difficulty finding the way, Selma and Eric arrived and our group was complete. Eight participants, one husband and one trainer (moi of course), a Briard named Coco and a sweet Labrador called Senna …

We started off with a dinner in a nearby cite, Villefranche de Rouerge. Everything was new and strange: the language, the company, the food (duck stomachs? Calves head?) The latter I was happy to decline (long live food allergies). My navigation system showed us a short cut back to the cottage resulting in quite a scary drive up a pitch dark, extremely steep (almost vertical) little mountain road. We drove straight to heaven. All this in a 2 litre automatic, but eventually I had to turn, because moving forward would have been very brave but irresponsible. We laughed all the way back to the cottage and I felt a little proud.

Back at the cottage I was faced with the next challenge. Originally my bed was placed in a second living room where I hadn’t been able to sleep for the previous two nights. There were earth rays, water veins, strange energies and fields which I would love to write about on another occasion.
I had spent the days before working hard to neutralize them but they were unfortunately too large to tackle completely and caused pain and stiffness in my nervous system. Not so ‘bien’ when there is still a long course to be given.
But, no need to worry: there was a large couch in the house of the hostess Pauline. And so I walking there and back every day with my dog, toothbrush and telephone/alarm clock to spend the night there.


After my first night and only a few hours’ sleep, the first day dawned and, instead of the beautiful view, all we saw was a thick mist. Everyone flew all the way from the Netherlands and couldn’t even see how high up we were!

For me, this day started off with a text message that a sweet little girl that had only been in her mother’s stomach for seven months, wanted to be born. Before the course began, I took the time to give them a long distance healing as I promised the mother, and after that turned my attention to the group.

Very soon, it became clear that one of the themes of the group would be: the fear to give a healing. Often left over from past lives and therefore hard to connect with when wanting to give a healing. Another theme was being under-valued. How do you say what it is you want to say and how do you make yourself understood. It is amazing how clearly one can express oneself and how sometimes others still could not hear what they said. Therefore setting and respecting boundaries became another one of the issues. Very educational…


During the first day the participants learnt how to discern truth from untruth simply by using their body as a measuring tool; what is the purpose of connecting with sensations in the body; why do some people purposely ignore these and why that is not such a good idea; what belongs to whom; which sensations are picked up from someone else; why do you do that and many more usable tips were given to the enthusiastic group who were visibly eager to learn. After an excellent lunch they went on to practice their healing.

That lunch and all the other meals are really worth a special mention. Twice a day Karena, a British nutritionist brought us meals which she had spent that whole day preparing and for which she drove two hours a day to deliver. Some participants were gluten-free and vegetarian, others were lactose-free or paleo and she was able to combine that perfectly with my list of allergies, and yet very healthy it was very unexpectedly also so very delicious that we only stopped when all the dishes were empty and had to go to sleep on our backs because of the full stomachs. She is sending us all the recipes and we all are going to buy stretch dresses for the coming summer… 




The first day we worked until seven thirty and it was beautiful to see how the group transformed and grew during that time. The people were noticeably different, the room became quiet, it was beautiful to see the participants working and healing each other, even those who had triggered each other on intense issues. For me, it was hard work yet it gave me intense pleasure.

After a very long, quite rainy day, we returned satisfied but tired to the nearby gite where another feast was awaiting us. Some of the members of the group went for a walk to the valley and to the river, and I just walked Senna.

That night on the couch was even shorter then before because Sanne had been born in the meantime after intense labour and I had spent a part of the night on a long distance healing. All in a day’s work! The following day was the day everyone had been waiting for: working in the aura. We started at nine thirty and the whole group started off with a combined long distance healing for little Sanne. It was beautiful to experience how the energy of the group flowed together and was sent to the brand new mini person.


Hard work followed. It was a wonderful day with many new experiences and insights, intense meetings and intuitively chosen combinations of healers and clients which ensured that what needed to happen, happened.

When you dare to listen and to follow your heart, to be guided by the loving and supportive flow of the universe, then everything that was meant to be in life, will unfold beautifully and easily. When you really realise that, you wonder why we humans tend to want to control things. Or fearfully run from that which is in fact good for you and your soul.

At the end of a long day’s work, we were lucky to be able to relax around the pool in the sun. After storm, lightning, fog, rain, rain and drizzle, the sun was a welcome surprise.
After my last night on the couch, a sunny, cheerful day dawned; a day in which part of the group went to visit a town nearby. But not me. I had a lazy day in the sun chatting with those that stayed behind.
Afterwards it was strangely quiet because the group had left. Lucky for me, Yvonne stayed and will drive home with me next week.
Before then, I will need some time to digest everything that has happened and prepare myself for the upcoming French course. Right now, I feel deeply grateful that 8 people came all the way to France for one of my courses and I am very happy with the result. I do hope that the French course will be a success as well. Je suis curieuse. Et je vais vous racontrer des nouvelles histoires dans quelques jours. Or something like that. Luckily I will have an interpreter…

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