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Healing animals

healing animals
For years I worked healing animals and pets below the radar. Horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, black beetles and for instance lady bugs. I’m not an expert in animals but I’m an expert in healing Beings. And working in the auras of beloved pets and other animals is very gratifying.
They’re so open to it and simply move away when they’re done. No hidden agendas. No drama or repeating their history. It’s a beautiful way of spending my time and energy .
From now on, I will dedicate the Fridays to working with pets. So if (you and) your pet need help, please book a session. And yes, as several cats in the USA can confirm, this also works long distance.
But, if you live nearby, please feel free to book a live session so I can welcome you in my special animal healing room, since I prefer to cuddle your pet in person!

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