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Healing Hands courses December 2015


On December 4th and 11th I gave two courses: Healing Hands 2, how to work in the aura and HH advanced. They were both memorable.

HH2 was about why you should ground yourself and the client, how to do that and how to differentiate between your own feelings, pains and topics and the ones you pick up on from the client. How to recognize emotional and rational blockages in an aura and what to do with them?

The advanced course was about emotions and the holistic view regarding the kidneys and the bladder. What’s the difference between the bowels and kidneys as it comes to digesting and transforming experiences? What’s the holistic function of the organs involved and how to support and stimulate them when they aren’t really up for their jobs?

In the end we had an excellent dinner and I received thank-you-flowers from the group I trained for a year. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to support their processes and am looking forward to teaching them more next year!

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