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Joints- Healing Hands Advanced course June ’16

Friday June 10th ’16 was the last Healing Hands advanced course of this season. We were at a different conference centre than usual and this caused more great food pictures.

When you look at them, you might start to think: oh, it’s all about food again, but no, the theme of the day was joints; (how) do you go with the flow(s) in your life?

The day started with a birthday girl: Angelique brought strawberries, whipped cream and cakes so we could build our own birthday pies. Here I learnt the tip of the day: don’t put the strawberries on the cake and top them off with the cream. No, first apply a thick layer of cream and top this off with strawberries. This way the strawberries don’t fall of that easily and –another bonus- the ratio is better this way. More cream that is…

2016-06-10 15.11.49

After the pie it was Q&A time. What happened when you practiced at home and what do you want to check or know? Do you always need to bring entities to the Light and are you an awful person if you don’t do it? Can I bring healing or help just by being in a room or do I always need to move my hands and actually do something? What’s the use (if any) of a treatment plan? What’s the pitfall?

During the questions, it became clear that one of the group members had been ill last night and that other members picked up on this. They felt sick too. So we gave her a group healing, channelled 7 different energies through the group line (a kind of joint group app but then energetically) and luckily she instantly felt better.

Then we talked about the different kinds of joints and where you can find them in the body. What joint related diseases meant or could mean, how you could develop your own interpretation and how you should always check for yourself if there’s any truth in what you read.

Then the participants started to work on each others joints. Brilliant.

2016-06-10 15.09.42 2016-06-10 11.21.33

After yet another ‘tempting break’ in the backyard, the Free Styling began. This meant: do whatever is necessary (and appreciated and legalJ) to help heal the main issues of the client.

It was great to gently guide the healers with some simple questions or examples and witness how they found out that effortless following the energy flow of the client (the client leads the way) is the best way to work. Easier, more subtle, faster and yet more thorough.

2016-06-10 13.29.47 2016-06-10 15.54.43

On July 9th this group will go to the city of Arnhem where a lot of entities still linger, deceased during World War II. We will help as much Souls as possible to go to the Light

In the time that we have there. It will be a learning experience for most of the participants and helpful I hope, for those who lost their lives.

To be continued….

2016-06-10 16.47.17

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