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My first course ever in my own new building

Yesterday I gave a course in my new practice. The very first one ever! It was a Healing Hands course for beginners, so energetically I started at the beginning too, a nice fit.

Giving a course for 8 students meant I had to change the layout of the practice and set it up with 4 massage tables so 4 participants could work simultaneously.

I also almost managed to have the ‘classroom’, in which I teach and explain theory completely ready as well but… the electrician who needed to do something with the cable of a lamp had the flue so that still needs to be done but I don’t think it mattered.

Everyone sat on the chairs that my best friend and I had painted in 2 weekends in November and I really enjoyed everything I planned en worked on for all this time, coming together.

My ballroom kitchen easily fits 9 so it became our place to lunch, have snacks and tea and freshly grounded coffee.

(By the way, I really lóve my new coffee maker. The sound of the beans being grounded, and I don’t even drink coffee myself! But still I love it to serve it when it’s this fresh.)Writing this down in English, I suddenly realise that ‘grounding’ is also important during my line of work and that perhaps it’s no wonder that so many people drank coffee all day long?!

It was a beautiful day, a bit messy at the beginning because 2 group members came in quite late, but the interaction was good and we worked really hard, yet in a relaxed atmosphere.

To me it was great to experience the support from my house and practice and the energy already there. When I give courses I enhance the energy of the participants by building a ‘energetic step’, a kind of layer which helps them to feel and experience the new energies more effortlessly and normally this takes a lot of energy. My energy. Yesterday I found out how easy it was to build on the energy that was already present in my practice and that was really helpful.

Everyone was very enthusiastic both about the space/ the rooms and the course and half the group already inscribed for Healing Hands 2 so I’m a happy camper (literally because though the rooms of my business are ready, my bathroom and rest of the house still isn’t, so I’m camping in my new home )

Needless to say I’m very happy with my new home.
But earlier this week I talked to someone in the USA about giving course over there. One of my dreams! It just has one big down side: if I do that, I have to leave my new home!



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