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Personal Guiding Spirits: You have these BFF’s too!


Author and Healing Medium Annemiek Douw talks about Personal Life Guides: who are they and why do they take on this task for people who aren’t their relatives?  

When, as a Soul, you decide to incarnate on Planet Earth and start to plan the route you would like to take through life this time around (as described in The Master Plan of your Life,) you have a team of Beings of Light to help you. In that team your Personal Guides travel with you every step of the way while Advisors are more like a Management Team who know the mission you’ll be on and will give you directives, group targets and tools that you can use. They will also help you develop the exact skills you want or need on your journey. So not everything you are going to do in this life will be just for yourself or be your own idea: your Advisors help you plan the framework and then, together with your Personal Guides, you make a detailed plan: the Master Plan (or Blueprint) of your Life and get on board.

Incarnated Guides

Other than angels who never incarnate on Earth, your Guides have normally lived lives on Earth themselves, so they know what you must go through and how difficult it can be. They are experienced in all sorts of earthly challenges, know what emotions can feel like or know how you can get stuck. For example, when, as a human being, you lose the connection with your Soul by spending too much time in your head rather than in your body.

So Guides aren’t just ‘book learning’ experts, they must have hands-on experience as well. And just as every other Spirit does, Guides have their own energy field that contains their experiences and levels of development. So they really need these earthly experiences because it fills their aura and that’s the only way they can resonate with you and communicate their input to you.

Your Guides only have your best interests at heart and can guide you because they know what you planned to accomplish before incarnating on Earth. Your Spirit Guides are the ones who are fully aware of the tasks you took upon yourself for both personal growth and the common good and, since you will usually have forgotten most of it, they try to keep you aligned with your soul’s goals.

So they help you to stay focussed and use your inner GPS. Even if you can’t hear their voices literally, they work with you by putting ideas in your mind, drawing mental pictures, making you hear a song in your head or whispering something in your ear which ‘gives you the feeling that…’. So, although you think it’s just you feeling something, it may all be inspired by your Guides.

Not Alone

In my experience most people seem to have 3, or sometimes 4, Guides who talk with them while planning their next life, guiding them through their life every step of the way, each with their own specialism (work, relations, health, life goals…) and helping them to pass when the time has come. So while you may feel pretty alone at times when you are struggling with earthly matters, in reality you are never truly alone because they are always there with you.

Although it happens very rarely, sometimes one of your Guides is temporarily absent because he is somewhere else receiving extra schooling himself for his own development or helping out when really big disasters happen on Earth. For instance at Christmas 2004 when the Tsunami took so many lives, I realised quite early on that it must have been a huge event because my Guides were very silent. So silent that I asked questions and realised that most of them were missing. Then I found out that they had gone to help the enormous numbers of souls pass, as did many other Light Beings. Everyone came to help the newly deceased that day.

But luckily days like that are an exception and normally your Guides stay by your side, day and night. And when I first realised that, I felt at ease, supported, everything was great. Then I started thinking: so they are also there when I’m using the restroom? Or making love to my boyfriend? And I laughed. That’s a funny but strange idea.

Advice or instructions?

As their name suggests, Guides guide you. They don’t boss you around, they don’t tell you what to do – ever! Even if they see you are straying from your Life Path, even then, they simply offer advice and hope you use it to your own benefit.

They are very much aware of the importance of Free Will and will never prevent you from exercising it.

So should you ever hear a ‘Guide’ say ‘you must do this or that’ then it’s good to know that there is no way it could ever be a true Guide; it’s probably an entity (you can read more about entities here) and you should not listen to it. True Guides (and other Beings of Light for that matter) will never tell you what to do, for Free Will is the most important asset you have.

Family members

Because Guides are the spirits that stick with you during the whole process of (re)incarnation, they are hardly ever a deceased relative. They can be of course, but then it’s more like an extra Guide is added to your team. Or sometimes relatives can come for a short visit and talk to you, but then they aren’t your Personal Guides.

So family ties normally aren’t the reason you and your Guides came together to begin with. You came together because both your plan to develop and theirs are aligned. What you need to learn and want to experience and what they need to do to guide you through, fits with their own Development Plans. So Guides only take their tasks upon themselves if they are suited for it and can develop themselves as well; it always is a win-win situation for both you and your Guides.

And even though it’s very tempting to believe that your Guides ‘know it all’, and to ask them what to do in order to diminish your own insecurities, in fact they really don’t. Even though they have a broader view, see a bigger part of the big picture, they don’t know it all either, for they themselves are going through a learning experience too. By advising you and learning while standing on the sideline of your life, they experience new situations and get new insight about how people are, think, feel and act. And thereby they grow as a soul as well.

Law of Nature

So, you and your Guides are Best Friends Forever, especially since Guides tend to stay with you through multiple incarnations. They really know what you want to experience and they are happy to contribute to that. On the other hand their work is not only a gift to you; it is also in their own interest. They learn and grow as a Soul as well. This combination of going on a Soul Journey together is a beautiful example of how one of the Laws of Nature works: something is only right when, on a Soul level, it is beneficial to every participating Soul.


One of my personal guides: Itmam

Read more about this Law of Nature

Are you interested in Guides in general or would you like to read more about how I live and work with my own Guide – Itmam – and my other Personal Guides? My new book 21 Layers of the Soul: Healing the Karmic Ties with Friends, Lovers, Family and Enemies contains my personal journey and how I came to work with them and work with them still. 21 Layers of the Soul is out now. Alternatively, the Dutch version is available here. If you would like to book a session with me please book it here.

Annemiek Douw – photography by Peter Nugteren www.prents-and-more.nl

ANNEMIEK DOUW, MSc is a management coach, energetic therapist, lightworker, medium, trainer and author. Coming from an unlikely background in engineering, Annemiek has always been interested in how people think and grow at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. In her work within the government and business sectors, she began to see how illness comes into people’s lives, often making it unpredictable and seemingly out of control. This influenced her to start exploring bioenergetics and other alternative therapies, eventually leading her to complete a 3-year course at the Natural Medicine Academy South-Netherlands to become a paranormal therapist. In 1998 she dedicated herself to this work full-time. She later fell ill herself for an extended period of time, which allowed her to gain first-hand insight into the human experience of illness, and to learn how the soul is an internal compass that continuously guides. Probing more deeply into how this compass works, Annemiek discovered 21 layers of the soul that influence our ability to grow and to heal in our bodies, minds and relationships. This discovery became the foundation of her unique healing style, and today Annemiek helps clients heal at many levels, and teaches them how to read this compass for themselves. Wanting to share this unprecedented work with a wider audience, she published the Dutch language book De ziel in het licht van haar hogere auralagen in 2011. The English translation of this book is coming in autumn 2013, under the title 21 Layers of the Soul: Healing the Karmic Ties with Friends, Lovers, Family and Enemies.

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