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Your Aura: A Reflection of your Life or a Tool to Change it?

image 1 v1 copyAuthor and Healing Medium, Annemiek Douw, shares the basics of the energy field that surrounds our bodies and explains how it reflects and influences our emotions, thoughts, behaviour and wellbeing.

When they look in the mirror, most people see just their physical body: a large combination of molecules that together form a conglomerate. Although a molecule on its own is pretty hollow, when you combine a lot of them, they become a body, a table, a car or a flower. Everything on planet earth consists of a large set of molecules with a lot of emptiness within.

So looking in the mirror you see your physical body and you probably think that is all there is. At least that’s what it looks like. Yet your body is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Layers of the Aura

In fact your body is surrounded by an energy field, a big cloud of energy that can stretch out for quite some distance. And the empty space within your body is filled with that same energy too. You can compare it with those Russian nesting dolls, matryoshkas. You start with the smallest doll, your physical body. Around the smallest one, there is a bigger one, followed by one that is even bigger, and so on.

So your physical, most visible, dense body is the smallest doll, surrounded by a number of other dolls. Each doll has the same contents as its smaller predecessor, but it also has an extra bit of space: the difference between the smaller and the bigger one which, since you can’t look through the physical body, looks like a layer. And each of those ‘dolls’ or layers has its own theme. For instance, the second layer contains your emotions and the third one your thoughts.

Personal Space

If you spread your arms out, they will normally reach the seventh layer, the last personal layer there is. I have discovered that there are actually more than seven layers (as described in my book, 21 Layers of the Soul) but since layers one to seven are the personal ones, they are the ones you’ll find easiest to detect for yourself. So, the boundary of your personal aura space is at arm’s length and that’s why it can be annoying when people you don’t know, or don’t really like, stand too close. They stand in your personal space and therefore they stand in the personal part of your aura, without your permission. And since that same cloud of energy we call aura also fills up your physical body, you can sense it in your body as well. It’s like having visitors in your garden. Sometimes you really like having them there, but you do want to decide for yourself who to invite.

The Link Between Experiences and the Aura

All day long, all kind of things are happening in your body, and the same is true for your surrounding layers of more subtle energies. For they reflect what is happening in your inner body: you eat a pear and your physical state changes. You worry about your child going to school for the first time on its own and your mental state gets kind of wobbly. You feel sad because your boyfriend broke up with you and your emotional state becomes messy. The energy in the layers that are connected to these states change as you undergo these experiences.image 2 copy

Blockages in your Energy Field

Normally your energy flows gently through your aura. You experience something and the aura changes, it’s a dynamic cloud. And that movement is healthy because while your energy still flows the Self-Healing Mechanism of your body (the built-in computer that organizes the workings of the cells in your body) can solve problems on its own. When the flow stops, problems will arise because the solution to the problem cannot be transported through your body to where it’s needed. It gets stuck in traffic so to speak and then you need outside help to stimulate the blockage and give your body the opportunity to reset and to do the work on its own again, healing itself.

Letting go of the Energetic Blockage

That stimulus can be a good cry on the shoulder of a dear friend. Or it can be an argument in which things are said that change your normal way of thinking: a mental wake up call. It can also be at an energetic level. Then you may need the presence of the right person so your auras can connect and his aura can help you to release the stress in yours. In Physics that is called Law of the Connected Vessels: when two vessels are linked, the fluid within floats around until it is equally spread between both vessels. Or in aura terms: when two auras are connected, the stress flows until it is equally shared, leaving one person feeling a bit relieved, while the other might feel somewhat less relaxed.

In other cases you may need a professional to help you understand and get rid of the blockage. Then you can visit an energetic healer. A Healer is someone who uses a subtle type of energy to massage the energetic bump out of the aura. Everything they do is focussed on restoring the flow of energy and getting the Self-Healing Mechanism of your body to take over again

image 3Energetic healers come in all shapes and sizes – healers, mediums, paranormal therapists, energetic masseurs, etc.

Reflection and Tool

So, your aura is the map that you can read to determine your ‘state of being’. And when you know that something is wrong or not completely right, you can take charge and do something about it. When the solution to your problem is found by working energetically in your aura, the map will also become the tool for healing.  In my next blog I will share with you the basics of how healers and mediums work.

Read more?

And if you’re interested in how your aura can help you change your life? My new book 21 Layers of the Soul: Healing the Karmic Ties with Friends, Lovers, Family and Enemies contains loads of real life cases. 21 Layers of the Soul is out now. Alternatively, the Dutch version is available here.

ANNEMIEK DOUW, MSc is a management coach, energetic therapist, lightworker, medium, trainer and author. Coming from an unlikely background in engineering, Annemiek has always been interested in how people think and grow at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. In her work within the government and business sectors, she began to see how illness comes into people’s lives, often making it unpredictable and seemingly out of control. This influenced her to start exploring bioenergetics and other alternative therapies, eventually leading her to complete a 3-year course at the Natural Medicine Academy South-Netherlands to become a paranormal therapist. In 1998 she dedicated herself to this work full-time. She later fell ill herself for an extended period of time, which allowed her to gain first-hand insight into the human experience of illness, and to learn how the soul is an internal compass that continuously guides. Probing more deeply into how this compass works, Annemiek discovered 21 layers of the soul that influence our ability to grow and to heal in our bodies, minds and relationships. This discovery became the foundation of her unique healing style, and today Annemiek helps clients heal at many levels, and teaches them how to read this compass for themselves. Wanting to share this unprecedented work with a wider audience, she published the Dutch language book De ziel in het licht van haar hogere auralagen in 2011. The English translation of this book is coming in autumn 2013, under the title 21 Layers of the Soul: Healing the Karmic Ties with Friends, Lovers, Family and Enemies.

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