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Healing Hands advanced September 2015

September 25th 2015 I gave another Healing Hands advanced course in the Hall of Knights in ‘Het Oude Wandelpark’ in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands.

This time Harold, the manager, surprised us with an on screen announcement of the event. Good Going Harold!

During the first round of healings the people worked in the second layer of the aura thus cleansing the emotions of their fellow participants. In the second one the rational layer followed. Old thinking paterns were brought to Light and could shift into new, more appropriate ways of thinking. The third round consisted of freestyling and all that was relevant was healed and came to rest.

It was impressive to see how the theme of the day Responsibility became tangible by me not making sure that people remembered to start with the basics and how they, because of that, found themselves sometimes forgetting using important knowledge and how they got stuck because of it. A great learning experience.

Also touching to see how other themes as ‘not being able to punt words to your innermost feelings’ and ‘how to open your heart’ were shared by both healer and client. Synchronicity works beautifully.

Afterwards everyone went home with a cleansed aura, a happy spirit and a rested body.

The course went well, the lunch was a bit too tasty (thank you Harold and team), the group was open minded, open hearted and hard working yet relaxed. Wonders took place and it was a beautiful day. I feel blessed.

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