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Healing Hands Course, January ’16

What a lunch! I mean, what a day, what a course and what an excellent lunch we had January 29th. But actually I mean, what a great lunch we had!

Today I gave yet another Healing Hands 1 and we all got really silent during lunch… Not that there was nothing to talk about but the food, well, see for yourself and that’s why today I want to compliment Harold and Willem, who took such great care of us.

The course was very interesting as well since –although actually designed for professionals like nurses, physiotherapists and masseuses- 7 out of 8 participants had no real experience in this field. Nevertheless they all turned out to be quick studies!
 So I really enjoyed working with them. I really did. And they really liked the lunch they had….

HH1 29 1 16 salade

HH1 29 1 16 sandwich

HH1 29 1 16 cursist chocomelk

HH1 29 1 16 cursist 1

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