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Not one bridge too far

Yesterday we finally did it: 7 of the course participants and I went to Arnhem, to help hundreds of souls go to the Light. Most of them died during WOII and were still not able to leave the battlefield. During a course in March we came to talk about it and since the participants had so many questions and had never experienced such a thing, I suggested going to Arnhem and actually doing something for them. And so we did.

As I’ve been in these situations before, I’ve learnt that it’s best to pick the working site in advance, and inform the wandering spirits what’s going to happen. Set a place, a time frame and certain boundaries helps to collect all the souls that want to go to the other side and helps to do exactly what is needed, without being recalled five times for a late comer or working 12 hours for the same reason.

I was delighted that so many volunteers came to help me. I had started off by selecting the working site months ago. I used a map of Arnhem and since I’m am neither an expert in geography nor history, my head was kind of blank. I just felt and checked to find out afterwards that we had worked on the exact same spot as where the liberating armies got beaten by the Germans, during World War II. The book and movie ‘A bridge too far’ tells this story.


Yesterday we tried to help all the souls that came to the rescue of our ancestors and country and got lost in the battle, died and remained lost, to finally go to the Light. It was about time!

We started by creating an oval of 8 persons, grounding ourselves deeply, connecting to each other and to the wounded earth. I created an elevator of Light so the first groups could leave and we moved to the dike near the Nederrijn.

This was both funny, scary and heavy:

Funny because on the dike was a cycling path so loads of cyclists drove by and wondered what we were doing? Scaring because some scooters entered the scene and liked driving by again and again just to get our attention. They drove fast and it’s quite difficult to work in those fine energetic fields and keep one earthly eye on the road at the same time. And heavy because it costs a lot of energy to work on such large fields and with so many souls.

Some of them were really afraid that we would leave them behind so they put a lot of pressure on us. They tried to hurry us. So I explained to them the system behind all this: first we disconnected a large triangular shaped energetic carpet-like field from where we started. It stretched out to the other side of the bridge and back to the entrance of the bridge. When you first remove the energetic fields that keep the souls here, there’s nothing left to resonate with anymore for those souls and it’s easier for both them and us to help them cross over. There’s no reason left to stay.

But the anxious souls saw us work and literally move away and got scared. Not knowing that we would come back for them. Of course we would, we came especially for them!

IMG_4793 IMG_4792

It was a beautiful sight, the teamwork and the results: while I rolled the carpet up, the others helped groups of souls to go to the Light. The energy became more still and serene, the souls were so relieved and eager and the Light level increased quickly. Even the cows followed our steps as we worked our way to the bridge.

The hardest part for me was the negative field of hatred that still lingered there. Pure hate and the theme: thinking that you know better than someone else. Supremacy, suppressing, shutting someone up or simply dominating him, are logical results of such a strong field. I cleansed it was happy that I managed to do so, since I really didn’t liked it.

Something else had got me thinking: there were so many Polish casualties that were still stuck there. Nowadays there’re a lot of Polish people in our country (the Netherlands) that come here for economical reasons. Not everyone gives them a warm welcome. On the other hand, over 70 years ago their ancestors came to the rescue of our ancestors and country and were more than welcome then. How times change…

Finally, after a final inspection of the grounds we were happy and the work was done. Time to go to the nearest terrace to have a drink and some ‘bitterballen’ (a Dutch snack which we all love). Time to debrief and share experiences.


It was beautiful to see how every group member had had his or hers own contribution to the group effort and result. This, combined with all the love that pored out of our hearts while working there had resulted in the biggest ‘ferry-service’ of which I have ever been part of.

I was very happy and grateful that everyone took the time and invested his energy in this. Then it was time for a hug and good bye. We’ll meet again -do(n’t) know where do(n’t) know when, ‘cause it will be in September, during the next Healing Hands Advanced course.

Still this day hadn’t come to an end yet because for four of us a nice evening program had been planned.

We went to visit Durf! Cirque de la Liberté. This Circus of Liberation had exactly the right theme for us: freedom and help free others.

It was an open air circus near the waterfront were luckily no animals had to do their tricks. No instead of caged animals, the Mete Erker Trio, former members of Cirque du Soleil and other genius acrobats, exceptionally funny clowns Goos Meeuwsen and his wife Hélena Bittencourt and may others filled the stage -which was in fact the deck of a large ship.


It’s impossible to try to capture the great evening we had after we had our complementary Spaghetti with Elephant’s tears- dinner in the old dock near the water so I’m not going to try.

But, we ate too much, laughed so hard that it hurt and were in awe of all the astonishing tricks and beautiful music surroundings. Afterwards we hung out with Mete (who had played saxophone during the presentation of my second Dutch book, last year and who had invited me to come), sat underneath the large trees, talking about the beautiful evening. The whole experience revitalised us in a great way and in the end we went home again. We had to.

Home at last I dropped of my friend Lisette and exchanged her for my sweet Labrador Senna who was very happy to see me. It had been an exceptionally good day but it also felt good to back home again.

IMG_4799 IMG_4801

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