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Interview with Dr. Karen Kan

I’ve been so busy with renewing my English, Dutch and German websites and preparing for the launch of my upcoming Dutch book on February 15th ’15 about the 40 Layers of the Soul  that I haven’t announced it yet: last January I was interviewed by Dr. Karen Kan about my book 21 Layers of the Soul.… Continue Reading

Forecast the Future: Sense or Non-Sense?

Author and Healing Medium, Annemiek Douw, talks about predicting the future. Is it for real and how can it support you? Every now and then I have clients who are involuntarily childless. They ask me for help and, if possible, I work with them to heal the energetic blockages that, amongst other things, have prevented… Continue Reading

Unconditional Love

Author and Healing Medium, Annemiek Douw, shares her view on unconditional love and setting limits. Does it exist and if so, how does it work? A week ago a friend of mine told me he didn’t think unconditional love exists. “Well,” he said, “perhaps from a mother to her child in the early years but… Continue Reading

Loss and Letting Go

Loss and Letting Go

Author and Healing Medium, Annemiek Douw, shares her view on letting go after loss and moving forward. How do you let go and what can be counterproductive? Perhaps you know the feeling: your lover ended your relationship and has already moved on while you don’t seem able to get back on your feet again because… Continue Reading

21 Layers of the Soul is out now!

Author and Healing Medium Annemiek Douw presents her new book and explains how the 21 Layers of the Soul are related to the aura and to your everyday life. As a Soul we make a plan to ensure that we experience all the things we want to during our time on Earth. We choose our… Continue Reading