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Creating a HSP course for deaf people

Today I started creating a ‘How to embrace and use you being HSP while you are having a hearing disability’- course. Therefore I met with 2 lovely ladies: Nirosha Boer (chairperson of Stichting Zo hoort het (a foundation for people with hearing problems) and Georgia van de Gen (translator/interpreter for deaf people in Dutch speak/sign… Continue Reading

Healing Hands 2, June 3rd 2016

Today I gave another course Healing Hands 2, (learning) to heal the aura. This time I wasn’t in France but at the usual address, the Oude Wandelpark in Valkenswaard, in the Netherlands. During the introduction where everybody shared his background and his course goals, it already became clear that the universe had brought this group… Continue Reading

France, May 11th, 2016

Today I arrived in Ginestous, France, the place where I’ll give two courses, both in Dutch and in French in the coming week. Before I went here, I spent four days in Le Mas Chouchet in the Limousin, a beautiful place with lovely owners, Frank and Tineke, who just formally moved to France the day… Continue Reading